This is the one thing I have never had on the site, and that is a contest or giveaway of something. However, this week Anchor Bay Entertainment sent Faeit 212, 3 Ultramarine Blue Rays to give away as a promotion for their upcoming release of the movie on March 5th.

Now I considered doing some sort of a contest for these, but decided that instead the community here works very hard as it is. We have a great community that comes to this site, and although the comments get borderline at times, they have been much better.

So as a reward for having such a great community here, that helps keep me inspired, and hopefully many others, there are some Bluerays of the movie Ultramarine, that I am giving away. All you have to do, is either leave your name here in the comment section.... a quick comment..... "count me in", or email me at to get your name in on this giveaway. Winners will be drawn at random.

I will need your email address to contact the winners.

In the Comment Section of this post
"count me in" + email address"

simply email me at

Anchor Bay Entertainment was nice enough to send us these Blue-Rays, so lets keep the comment section clear of reviews and other topics, and focus on the giveaway.

For those curious, not only do you get the movie, which many people have seen, but you get it in high definition Blue Ray, and a list of special features including...
Into the Void: Making Ultramarines
Between Chaos and Darkness: The World of the Space Marines
Creating a Daemon
Animated Graphic Novel * Ultramarines "Prequal"
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