This week has been full of rumors, playtest rules, and digging through the latest codex release- Chaos Daemons. That makes for a very busy and exciting week.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Rumors this Week
This was a fun and incredible week. I want to thank all of you that were either sending in rumors and whispers of what was seen or heard, or were discussing things behind the scenes this week. It was a great week, and very exciting. This site is nothing without such valuable members of the community, and your contributions really help get the community excited about the future of our game.

Slaanesh Fiends: Rules Query
Fiends have two rules that came up in last nights game. The first is that Slanesh Fiends on the charge reduce the charged units initiative by 5 until the end of that assault phase. This means that normal marines would be reduced to Init 0. From the looks of it, stats can be reduced to 0, just not below 0. Since the Initiative steps work through 10 down to 1, models at 0 do not get to strike back when charged by fiends. Crazy?

The second is the fiends Disruptive Song. It reads like this. 
Enemy Psykers within 12" of a fiend of Slaanesh have a -1 penalty to their leadership when taking psychic tests. 

The question is it says a fiend of Slaanesh, so what happens when you are near two 0f them? Does this stack?

Chaos Daemons
Played a game against Chaos Daemons last night, and I have to say one thing..... That was a lot of psychic powers coming against me. Even though I had the best psychic defense money can buy (a farseer), the daemon player was a maniac at getting those off. He must of gotten off 20+ psychic powers last night,while only failing about 4. (that was on 3 dice!)

The Chaos Daemon codex at first glance appears rather basic, but really gets rather complex and gets into the details with Daemonic Loci, Rewards, and Psychic Powers. There is a lot go grasp, and a lot to read up on. Last nights game featured all 4 Chaos God troop choices, with heralds and more. It was a crazy game, and I hope to see more games against it. 

A few things. 
I really think the codex can stand on its own, but to me it just screams for Chaos Marine allies. Because of the Warp Storms (I lost 4 units to warp storms last night), I think taking Chaos Daemons as a primary detachment severely limits taking allies. Of course in reverse it works because if Daemons are a secondary detachment, no warp storm tables. 

However, both allies of convienance and desperate allies are treated as enemies, and therefore subject to getting blasted by warp storms. 

Now take a look at Chaos Marines, who are battle brothers. If you choose to equip your units with a mark of a chaos god, you suddenly become subject to warp storms, however, if you remain neutral, magically warp storm tables no longer effect you. Its a kind of loophole or calm spot inside the storm. You are considered a friendly unit, and not aligned. 

So Chaos Daemons just scream Chaos Space Marine Allies to me, and of course the one thing that attracts my attention is the infernal machines idea, with allied detachments being ran by Warpsmiths. Maulers, Forgefiends, and Heldrakes. Of course you should throw in a ton of cultists hiding behind an aegis defense line or charging into the fray to become the gory mess that cultists should.

Dark Eldar
I have a very dated Dark Eldar army. Most of my models were made in 1998, and I have a couple hundred warriors etc. I am for the first time really, trying to get all of them painted to the best of my ability, (of course Valhalla is my source of inspiration on this). The only real problem, is that the old dark eldar warriors are really old. Very little detail on them. 

So I am doing the best that I can, and want an old army done right. I am just finding it hard to be satisfied with them, when all of the new models have such amazing detail.  

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