When rumors conflict.
I just wanted to explain that there are lots of people that write into this site, and other sources that are pulled from elsewhere. I do not post everything that comes into the site, simply because there is some of it seems like wishlisting and is completely out in left field, or I mistakenly miss it in my inbox. (I have missed some good rumor bits this way).

I enjoy reading through rumors, which is why I gather and report on them. Being a real world news junkie myself, this comes naturally. So when rumors conflict,  I post up on it, so that readers can hopefully get a better understanding of where things are headed. rumors are rumors.

If you want an exact verifiable listing, you should wait for a codex to arrive. Rumors are most often not from a final product, and there are often multiple versions of a ruleset or units going on during playtesting. Rumor Tracking is almost complete garbage, unless you are tracking very vague bits, like what army is being worked on, or rumors that are less than a month away from release. (everything else is based off information that changes right up until a final print copy of the codex is done).

Posting up conflicting rumors does not dis on any one source, (unless its completely garbage), as the rumors that sometimes come in, are passed along to me sometimes by memory, or sometimes through one or two people before reaching here. There are going to be mistakes.

Early rumors are great though, they give us a direction, and sometimes hints on what units or types of units are going to be in an upcoming codex. I generally classify rumors as having a strong basis of truth in them. Its rare for a rumor to be completely made up, just as its rare to get an actual print copy of a codex months in advance.

When reading rumors, enjoy it. Take a look at what is coming out, comment on it (sometimes we receive rumors to get more input on ideas), and realize that people that are sending in rumors do so, not for a quick bit of fame, but because they really do want to let us know what may be on the horizon, and are doing so the best that they can.
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