I have not been able to find anything reliable on this rumor bit, that the Games Day venues are changing, and some might be cancelled. It does seem that the UK and US Games Day are still on schedule, as least as far as everything looks on our end.

I went and searched for more clues, but haven't found any, so give this rumor quite a bit of salt until something else is heard. And if by any means, you have heard related bits, feel free to contribute, or email me at natfka@live.com

via Zaphod on masterminis.net
Currently, there are a lot of rumors about the Games Days worldwide - ranging from cancellation of events (France) to different venues (Italy, Germany). Even GW staff does not know what is going to happen. As painters, gamers and hobbyists we can only hope that GW decides wisely and does not drop these events which are so important for the miniature painter and gaming scene. 
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