A few brief snippets of rules are appearing over the internets. We are looking at a 36" S8 AP4 Skull Cannon, and possibly more. It is confirmed through pic leaks that plague drones are Jet Packs of some sort. (everything is still very fuzzy)

via reds8n over on Dakka
Skull Cannon -- which fires flaming skulls across the battelfield -- is S8, range 36" APdoesn'tgetthrougpowerarmour.

Fly beasties are poisoned 3+ attacks, with I think 3A and W each.
.. seems they might be "jet pack cavalry" ..? Not quite sure how that works as such or if they have to choose a type or what ?

Demon Princes appear to he HQs.

There are various "loci" which you can buy for herlads, characters etc etc. These are all of varying cost and power....
... and ( some ?) ... here we go..... ..... let you roll on chart(s) to see what powers or abilities they generate !
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