I am a little bit behind on this one, but with learning the game, there is a lot for me to do on the Dark Age website when the chances arrive. Here is the latest previews from the Dark Age website. 

Game note, that I have one faction painted up at 500pts, I will be this weekend trying to get my brood up to the same level of paint. Must have painted models.........

via DA_BryanSteele from the Dark Age Website
We at Dark Age have a lot of really awesome models currently being cooked up, and the process for each one leaves a lot of stopping points along the way. Today we want to share a few of them from our upcoming releases.

Before we get into the actual "greens" of some very exciting sculpts for a new crowd favorite faction, let's take a look at some of the newly designed digital sculpts for some of the next models to be hitting shelves for everybody's all-robotic killing force!

The Nexus

The first of the "leadership" program robots, the Nexus is a battlefield command node that helps make all of the less-creative Gamma Program mechanoids function with far greater combat efficiency. Not to mention the skulls it can crack with its big, heavy staff or sharp combat claw!

The Tseudo

One of the most advanced sciences in the CORE repertoire, electromagnetic shielding can be found as standard affair only on the gigantic squads of Tseudo. These towering mechanical beasts are not fantastic combatants...but their glittering shiled emitters make their CORE brethren exponentially tougher.

...and now we move on to the actual Greens (or Greys, as it seems) for a few of our newest sculpts getting ready for production in the new and savage Kukulkani faction line!

Kukulkani Warrior!

One of three initial sculpts for the common Kukulkani warriors, these deadly savages will soon be hobbling targets all over Samaria with their war clubs and being blessed with the technomantic blessings of their priests. They are the foot soldiers in the aliens' genocidal crusade, and they fear nothing this world will set before them.

Kukulkani War Captain

The military leaders of the crusade, War Captains are a genetic mixture of the ancient Kukulkani and Coatl DNA and wield some of the most advanced weaponry their alien gods have blessed them with. They run out ahead of the warriors and the other savages, excited to crush their foes and leave their souls to be reaped for sacrifice!
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