I made a huge push to get as much done as possible on my Dark Eldar vehicles. Amazingly I was focused enough to get a lot done, considering customizing a large number of vehicles takes a lot of time. 10 vehicles, with the exception of chain (which I ran out of), were finished and now ready for paint. The chains won't take up too much time, couple of hours at the most.

Finished were.......
6 Dark Eldar Raiders
4 Ravagers

With that done, I think I might end up playing Dark Eldar tonight in scheduled Saturday night game. No more model work today, as that was literally exhausting.

For those new to the blog, these are the old school raiders from back in 1998 heavily kit-bashed with new sails and misc parts.

I still have some model work to do, as I plan on the following to finish up, as soon as I can get a hold of two more old school ravagers. Of course when the void raven comes out, I will need to pick up 2-3 of them.
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