Its officially not official. Talk about pumping up the hype for a product that we really do not know enough about. Regardless, this book is about to released, and its direct only. No idea if stores will actually have it in their possessions on Saturday or not.

Only a day away and little fanfare thus far about this new product that just keeps everyone in the dark. However, there have been confirmations about the product and the pic below definitely enough proof for it.

More GW facebook pages are posting up on this, and here is another I found off L'Astropate, and I am sure now there are many out there.

Games Workshop Krefeld posted on its facebook page the image you see at the beginning of the article with attached the following message:
+ + + BREAKING NEWS + + +
On Saturday there is also this beautiful book!
It is only available in English and only to order from us, but it has EVERYTHING you could wish for flying heart!
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