Traitor's Gorge is an upcoming book from the Black Library featuring The Crimson Fists. The cover artwork is by Clint Langley, and the author is revealed to be Mike Lee. Here is the announcement of the book from the Black Library.

Also something new, is that this book will not be available from Read ahead to get the details.

via the Black Library
With Black Library Live 2013 looming ever closer, we thought we’d reveal one of the exciting new products that will be exclusively available at this and other Black Library events this year. Traitor’s Gorge is a Space Marine Battles story by Mike Lee, and is the first in a new range of event-exclusive novellas that will only be available at Black Library sales stands. That’s right – you won’t even be able to buy Traitor’s Gorge from

The book is a hardback novella, complete with hardcover in the colours of the Crimson Fists Chapter, a dustjacket featuring cover artwork by Clint Langley, and a colour section containing everything you’d expect from a Space Marine Battles title, including a campaign map and beautiful character portraits by Sam Lamont. Not only that, but each copy is numbered and we’re only printing 1,000. And with the story being exclusive to this format for at least a year, this is a seriously collectable artefact.

Packed with action, Traitor’s Gorge sheds new light on a piece of lore from Codex: Space Marines. Here’s what it’s about:

It has been half a year since the Crimson Fists were laid low by the invasion of their home world and the loss of their fortress-monastery. In that time, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor has led his battle-brothers in the fight to reclaim their planet from the greenskin menace that plagues them still.

On a mission to wipe a pocket of aliens in the Jaden Mountains, Kantor and his small band of warriors find that the orks have gathered around an influential leader and are greater in number than the beleaguered Space Marines could ever have imagined. Vastly outnumbered and surrounded by the foe, the Crimson Fists prepare to sell their lives dearly in the name of their world, their primarch and their Chapter.

But help is at hand from a most unexpected source…
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