A new stat line has been posted on the Games Workshop website for Daemon Princes, and wow, is it low. If rumors are true and Daemons are losing Eternal Warrior, all you can do is hope that Daemon Princes get to keep it. T4?

Here is what I have for the current stat line compared to what is currently found on the website.
                 WS   BS   S   T    W   I   A   Ld   Sv
Current       7       5    5    5    4    5   4    10    -
GW Site     7       5    5    4    4    5    4    10   5+

Here is the link so you can see for yourself

This seems odd, so I am not yet sure of what to make of it. I would think that a Daemon Prince should maintain a T5, and perhaps this is a mistake.  If for some reason it was like this before, it was something that I missed.

A huge thanks to Mike for bringing this stat line to our attention.
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