Death From the Skies has been one of the most difficult supplements to figure out exactly what is in it, and more importantly if I want it. (of course I do). First off, I do not have the book, and I will probably get it down the road as it becomes available again.

So what is in this book? Should you get it? This post I hope helps you make that decision. I have several emails here from the Faeit 212 inbox, and an insert from a post about the changes the book brings to the game from Shadowcl4w.

I do not think this book is necessary to have for most people, and its debatable on whether or not a Black Templar and Space Marine player really needs to own it. After all the FAQ's really dig in give us a lot of the changes and updates to the rules that are found in the book.

Here is the latest info on the new compendium

Death From the Skies

Sold Out
via the Faeit 212 inbox
With all the craziness over Death from the skies I thought this was interesting. I got an email from GW this morning that said although I had ordered the book on the first day it was available, they sold so many more copies than expected that my copy would not ship until March 4. As an apology they included a $25 redemption code. To add to the wackiness I got this email 4 times in 10 minutes. Unfortunately it was the same redemption code each time, so no I did not get $100.
The idea that it sold so well is certainly interesting given the weirdness of its release.

via the Faiet 212 inbox
Just received my Death From The Skies and thought people might like to know what's in it. In terms of naming me as the source, I don't mind.

Book is in full colour and the cover is glossy but NOT hardback!


The Battle For Cardrim...5-22
- this is the white dwarf narrative with the white scars, orks and necrons from the issues that the ork jet/stormraven rules were released in

Air War Missions...23-31
- 4 flier themed missions based on the battle for Cardrim, may have been published in white dwarf previously (don't have it to hand to check)

Burning Skies...33-43
- Crusade Of Fire extra flier rules

- gallery of fliers

- entries for all aircraft, stormtalons are space marine/black templar only, no space wolf options, fighta-ace ork dakkajet option now called Flyboss (other entries may be slightly different too but I'm not familiar enough with them)

- Stormstrike Missile (for space marine/black Templar stormravens) are R72" S8 AP2 Heavy1 Concussive, one use only (but stocked as four)

Army List...68-71

- usual back page summary

There may be some changes I haven't picked up on but overall this is just a compendium of updated rules.

Hope this is helpful for people curious about the book. For me it will be useful for the rules as I detest carrying around FAQ pages with rulebooks and the book appears to be of good quality so it should last longer than the original white dwarf issues. Not trying to push it on people, just offering my opinions on the book!

Changes in the Book
via Shadowcl4w at Shadowcl4w's Den
Storm Talon - Base points dropped to 110
The strange hover strike rule is completly gone, it always has the strafing run rule now. Type: Flyer/Hover.

I don't know why but I really like the Storm Talon, But I still do not understand the reason for giving it only 2 HP, that's one of the major drawbacks.

SM StormRaven 200
Comes with 4 Stormstrike missile s8 ap2 concussive.

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