First off, we have some very great and wonderful people that often come to the site, and do help out on what is real or not. Its nice when I get these emails because it gives us a chance to get some insight into the upcoming release and helps us to uncover what is or is not fiction.

While I cannot post up everything normally sent, I wanted to make sure I do get up what I am allowed to when I get emails like this. A huge thanks to the source for the info and rumor checking.

the rumors he is checking are the ones linked here.

via an anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
For your site:
I just thought you'd want to know those Daemon rumors you posted up are fakes.

Greater Daemons are stronger than last edition. Troops are about the same and a little bit cheaper here and there.

All daemons can deep strike or can start on the board and when you reserve units for deep strike they kinda come in waves, it's similar but new at the same time.
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