The new Chaos Daemons are going to have some randomness thrown into them, in the form of the Warpstorm table according to the latest White Dwarf battle report and current rumors. This was found on GW fanworld and posted up across the forums. Thought I would share it.

I am not sure whether this is a fantasy version or for 40k. It appears for fantasy with Wardsaves listed, but I cannot imagine that the 40k version will look much different. Rumors have it that this table is to be rolled for every turn.

via sninsch on Warseer
from gw fanworld:

warpstorm table:
2: all units take a d. instability test
3: one daemon char tests on Leadership with 3D6 and takes wounds like d.instability
4: all daemons -1 ward save
5: affects enemies and nurgle units, through a D6 on a 6 use 5" template S4, DS:
6: affects enemies and tzeentch units: on a 6 D6 hits with S4 DS:3, poison, ignore cover
7: nothing
8: affects enemies and khorne units: on a 6 D6 hits with S6, Ds:-, ignore cover, rending
9: affects enemies and slaanesh: 3" template S8, Ds3
10: +1 wardsave for daemons
11: enemy psiker test on Leadership with 3D6, if failed he dies and a new herold is born
12: a new core unit of is summoned, 2D6+3 models
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