Well, if you were wondering what the changes were going to be for the flyers in Death From The Skies, you have to look no further than the changes to the FAQs. They are live now.

This is a welcome thing. Things to note...... Deep Strike removed from all flyers it seems, and Scout removed from Vendetta/ Valkyries. I have not gone through them all, so here is the link. (it also looks like the Grey Knight Stormraven stays put in its Fast Attack slot, but is misplaced on the GW store. (we shall see).


Q: Land Speeder Storms, Stormraven Gunships and
Stormtalon Gunships are all listed as Space Marine vehicles
in the Reference section. Does this mean that every Space
Marine Chapter now has access to these vehicles as well (i.e.
Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights etc.)? (p411)

A: No – you may only select units and vehicles that are
available in the army list section of your codex. The two
exceptions are the Stormtalon and Stormraven Gunships,
which are only available to armies chosen from Codex:
Space Marines and Codex: Black Templars. The rules for these
Flyers can be found in the Death From the Skies

White Dwarf June 2012 (WD390)
Updated rules for the Ork Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitzabommer can be found in the Death From the Skies compendium

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