My email has been full today, and here is another bit from a reader regarding Forgeworld. I do very little ordering from Forgeworld, so I have to rely upon readers. Are these clamshells new?

Earlier today I had posted up something that I thought had been new, but it seems that they were Forgeworld models. I removed the post to simply not confuse anyone on what is new and whats not. So I figured we would dig into another Forgeworld bit and see what flies.

I know there have been rumors from the past that have discussed Forgeworld models moving more mainstream, and being stocked at GW stores. What does this add to that? if anything? Would you like to see more Forgeworld models moving forward into more games at your local watering hole?

via Jason from the Faeit 212 inbox
I just got a large order of Forge World in and the majority of it is now in sealed clamshells, just like the GW kits.  So far the stuff I know of in them are Rhino Doors, Dreadnaught Arms, and Terminator upgrade kits.

my opinion this adds weight to the rumor that FW is looking to start stocking this stuff 
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