Its called "What?" Is this thing coming out or not. For one, I will be getting it, despite all the arguments against it that there is nothing new in it. However, its three days away, and we have heard not a drop of anything regarding its official announcement or hint of such.

Now the documents that people have been seeing are real, I have seen them myself, and they say without a doubt that "Death From the Skies" is indeed coming out. There have been a lot of people lately declaring that they know that the release has been delayed at the last minute, and that it's delay is indefinite.

I am going with the official internal documents that I and others have seen saying it is going to be available this saturday for "direct only". Here is another confirmation.

Via Bramgaunt on Warseer
I can confirm the book for this weekend. 100% sure. No models to accompany it. Direct only, so if you expect to get one walking into your local shop, you'll be disappointed. Also, stores do not get a preview copy. If you want to have a look in it, you have to actually buy it, or go to see someone who has it.
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