While the rumor mill was rather quiet this week, there were lots other news and projects going on this last week. Daemons are rumored to be just around the corner and most everyone seems a little bit nervous about this one. 

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Dark Age:
I will have to say I one of the most interesting games of Dark a few nights ago with a friend I had over to play.

Of course it was a 500pt game, and it seems that everyone I have to come get a game in, chooses the Skarred over the Brood, which means a lot of games in with my playing the Brood. By default I am really starting to getting to get into how they play. 

Back to the interesting parts of the game. Of course we did one learning game, and then it was game on. Lists looked like this because its what I have.

The Skarred
3 Buzz Blades
3 Harpies

The Brood
2 Grists
2 Rachets
1 Gazelle

The following game got a little bit crazy when the center of board became a swirling melee with the abomination getting in a charge on the Howler. 

So yes, what we all hope for, the two big guys went head to head in an epic clash, that started off with the Abomination making its second action (it gets three), and in its attack group it gets two powerful attacks. The first critically missed (taking away its 3rd and last action point) and the second missed. 

It was a 20 and a 19 on the dice, which means it malfunctioned twice. The first was absorbed by a nearby grafter and his superior maintenance of the Abomination. The second malfunction resulting in it hitting itself. The abomination is heavily protected in its armour value, but he critically failed, resulting in two health points lost. 

Of course my howler tried to rip it apart, but that abomination made every single armour save, although my nearby grists were able to slightly damage the beast. So the in the following turn, charging Harpies killed the howler with ease.

The abomination charged the next unit, and once again malfunctioned, and resulted in destroying itself. 

That being said, it was simply three weak models fighting to determine the final outcome of the game. Yes the brood ended up winning, simply  because regeneration kept things alive to continue the fight just a little bit longer.

Chaos Daemons (Game Changer?)
This release, assuming of course that it is happening, is one that is fraught with apprehension. On the Daemon side of things, Daemon players have been taking serious advantage of the previous White Dwarf rules, and wrecking havoc across tabletops worldwide. So its not a wonder that many daemon players are worried that their new found strengths in flamers and screamers are about to get an adjustment. 

On the other side of the coin, non daemon players are concerned for a whole new set of rules with a brand new daemon codex. After all, chaos daemons is a complete deep striking army, and because of that, the rules and how they are deployed and function are extremely important. I think most people on the non-daemon player side are glad that flamers and screamers are about to be adjusted, but are holding back any elation not only to see what is going to happen to both the screamers and flamers, but how the rest of the army is going to function. 

This release has the potential to really alter the 40k landscape, and change how armies are built for competitive play. Are Daemons going to be a great game changer?, we should starting finding sometime next week.

Imperial Guard. 
I am sitting on 79 models that I am desperate to get painted and finished. So this week, if the heavens part and time allows, I will hit these models with unrelenting fury. I want these models painted. 

To be honest, its 40 conscripts, and 30 Inquisitorial Henchmen to get painted alongside some special characters. So these models really could take up my next 3 weeks, unless I am able to come up with a faster solution. 

It might just be more practical, to get a smaller and quicker project done first before digging into this more daunting task.

Death From the Skies: New Hidden Special Rules
It finally made it out, and its a little bit sketchy as to what is in it. There are some rumors that there are some new special rules buried in there. Only time will tell for sure, and I will be trying to get to the bottom of it later today. 

Last time I started posting up events, it got a little bit messy, simply because I was picking and choosing tourneys that were using the full rules for 6th edition, and not others. I have decided, that I am just going to put up an events page, and if someone wants their event posted up, I will do so. After all its more about encouraging the community and helping players find events that they can attend.

So if you want your local event or have already sent one into me, I will do what I can to get a post up on it. Later this week, when time is available, I will get an event page up. 

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