The Age of Sigmar is on the release schedule, from a solid anon rumor source here, to a re-direct. Since then we have heard some various bits about what the Age of Sigmar will be, and this is another one of those rumors that it will be a stand alone game before the Warhammer 9th Edition comes out. 

Here is the latest rumors on the Age of Sigmar that have been sent in. Please remember that these are rumors. Really hoping that we will get some more solid information on this soon.

via Steve the Warboss 
Age of Sigmar is not the Starter Set of the 9th Edition. It will be a Board Game like Space Hulk or Execution Force and with this Set, the Releases of the 9th Edition will begin.

What We Know
Below are what I consider rather solid bits of information from previous articles

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
New warhammer fantasy game is called Age of Sigmar.
Preorders for the box go up July 4th. Release on the 11th. 

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword

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