There is a lot of new information coming out now about what will be revealed in this weekend's White Dwarf, and we are just getting started on what will be there. The interesting thing is that next week looks to be focusing in on Warhammer Fantasy, and "On the Eve of a New Age" hints.

Here is the latest information coming in.

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The highlights of the issue:

Back page hints for next week:
   On the eve of a new age...
   ...A celebration of Warhammer
   A new mission: Hunt the Fallen

The new Dark Angels codex is rocking in at 160 pages and includes additional heraldry this time around.
Codex is $58
New Psychic Discipline: Interromancy
Power 1 of Interromancy is Seed of Fear, WC 1, malediction with a 9" bubble, forces Morale, Pinning, and Fear tests on 3d6.
No mention of options on the Interrogator-Chaplain, but looks like the power fist arm can probably be swapped out easily.
Detachments "including the Lion's Blade Strike Force...and new detachments for the Ravenwing and Deathwing." as per White Dwarf.
The two detachments are mentioned a second time in the White Dwarf.
Picture shown promoting Company Veterans box, so it likely isn't going anywhere.
Sableclaw conversion shown off in White Dwarf, no hint of a new model, but it does hint it is safe in the codex.

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