Warhammer Fantasy Supplements, the End Times, Island of Blood, army books, and more are all on the list for not being restocked. This confirms a lot of rumors, and really looks like a clean break between the new game system and what is Warhammer Fantasy.

Here is the latest information regarding the upcoming release of the Age of Sigmar. If you missed the earlier information you can still find it posted up by following the link.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
This is being told to the stores now, although not any real information about the Age of Sigmar is being give beyond what you already have posted.

There will not be restocking of the following items
Island of Blood core games
Warhammer Fantasy rule books
Any End Times Books  (Nagash, Glottkin, Thanquil, Khain, and Archaon)
Any additional Warhammer Army books and supplements that you currently have in stock.

via another anonymous source on Faeit 212
Island of Blood and the Warhhammer rulebooks should only be sold to help 
people complete their collections before they are officially obsolete. We 

will not restock these products

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