This week we have seen lots of leaked images, from the entire Dark Angels codex (which you can find a link on Spikey Bits to), to this week's White Dwarf releases. However I was curious as to anything else that might not yet be revealed, whether they be paint splatter hints, or other articles for the Age of Sigmar to discover more hints for next week. Here is what was uncovered......

There is an exclusive Hunt for the Fallen mission, although not a whole lot more.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 regarding this week's White Dwarf.
There is a special Dark Angels mission and batrep.
The army of the month shown off was in Warhammer Visions 17 already.
The composition of the Windrider host was straight forward, 9 Windriders, 1 Vyper, 1 Farseer Skyrunner.

No Paint Splatter. :-(

The Hunt for the Fallen
Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines or Khorne: Daemonkin
the Chaos player must take 4 characters, and Dark Angels get first turn

Its a straight victory point mission, playing the long ends of the table. The DA get a 12" deployment with 24" separating them and Chaos gets the rest of the board.

The mission uses nightfighting, and has two special rules,

I will find him- an interrogator chaplain scores an extra vp if he slays a fallen in a challenge.
The Fallen- the chaos player chooses secretly one character to be the fallen, and its kept secret unless the character is challenged in close combat.

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