Next week are hints of the new Librarian release, and more Space Marines. We are still expecting this to be a 3 week release, which makes next week the last week before we move on to the rumored Dark Angels. So next week should contain the command vehicles alongside the new Librarian?

We shall see. Take a look at this week's hints, and some information regarding the new limited edition Space Marine codices.

Next Week's Hints
Timotheus is solid, so even without the leaks to see as of yet, I expect this to be correct.

via Timotheus on Bolter and Chainsword
Hints for the week after the Devs (WD Issue 72) are:
- Utilizing the Empyrean (translated from german)
- Space Marines
- 'Eavy Metal 

Limited Edition Space Marine Codex
For the Space Marine codex there will be 7 limited editions, and the latest information on them reveals that there is one missing (White Scars). Of course I am assuming that the information on the Salamanders (listed twice) is a typo, and the one of those Salamander entries should be White Scars. However, I don't like to edit something I dont have direct information on.

Please take these as rumors, until we get some solid leaks or other information.

via a reader over on Spikey Bits posted by Rob Baer
Codex Space Marines: Successors
Codex Space Marines: Ultramarines
Codex Space Marines: Raven Guard
Codex Space Marines: Salamanders
Codex Space Marines: Imperial Fists
Codex Space Marines: Iron Hands
Codex Space Marines: Salamanders
$165 USD

Previous Information
Of course you can see more details from previous articles here on this week's Pre-Orders with leaked images.

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