Wargamers All Against Cancer- (WAAC)
Over the last few years I have done articles for WAAC, and the readership here has responded quite well. (it probably also helps that you win armies with these raffles). So here we are again for this years WAAC charity drive. Its a donate if you can type of thing.

via the WAAC Website
This is an associated WAAC ( a brilliant charity drive for wargamers organised by Dave Wilkinson - see https://www.justgiving.com/waac2015 ) event; as part of the overall fund raising, we are gathering and raffling a complete army of 40K Salamanders.

The army is looking amazing (http://www.evilkipper.com/2015/05/salamanders-update-waac-40kraffle/) and donations via this page for MacMillan will buy raffle chances (£2 per ticket, £5 for 3).

Please just use this page for raffle entries - for general WAAC donations use the main page at


People have until the end ofJune to donate painted models to the army - early July we'll hold a basing party to unify the force and take pictures.

At the end of July we'll actually pick the winner - and hopefully get it to them for the August bank holiday to be able to use it for the main #WAAC 24 hours of gaming!

Please be aware that people outside the UK may have to cover shipping, and it is their responsibility to ensure that participating in the raffle is ok in their jurisdictions.  The USA is particularly restrictive.

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