Tonight Im sitting back and relaxing... which means one thing, doing some reading and trying to get caught up on email. There are a couple kickstarters that I wanted to point out, one that deals with custom bases, and the other custom made to order decals.

There are always kickstarters starting up, and on occasion I miss a few that I meant to talk about (especially the last month or so while I have been trying sell a house). Check these two out.....

Fallout Hobbies
So here is the first, of which, I am considering some Faeit 212 decals in my near future. Very cool.

Fallout hobbies makes custom waterslide decals easy to order for Sci-Fi and Tabletop Wargame model enthusiasts.

Custom Decals are as simple as 1,2,3!

No minimum orders
Flat rate fees
Print single sheets in white toner!
Print in black and full color toner.
Customer control over the final product
High-resolution printing quality
For the longest time getting custom waterslide decals for your own personal hobby projects was a tedious, confusing chore. Designing the artwork, making sure the colors were accurate, pricing decal printing by colors, minimum orders of sheets, etc. Fallout Hobbies makes these hassles a thing of the past!

Getting custom one-off decal designs manufactured in white toner is quickly becoming impossible since the cessation of ALPS printer ink and tech support in May of 2015. Now there are only 2 types of laser printers in the world that can print one-off single sheets of decals in white toner and Fallout Hobbies intends to acquire one of those models.

Dragon Forge
This Kickstarter is in its last 4 days, and while it is already funded, its well worth checking out to see if you want to jump on board.

Tech-Deck Additions is a expansion set of bases for my popular 28 mm beveled edge miniature base line. Popular with many sci-fi games.

Bases come unpainted. Painted examples for reference only.
Tech-Deck Additions
Since its launch, The Tech-Deck base series has been a very popular base series for those wishing a technical feel for their basing needs for 28 mm gaming miniatures. But since its initial launch, many new base sizes have been created that needed to be addressed in the Tech-Deck line.

This is where Tech-Deck Additions come in.

Tech-Deck Additions is an expansion set that brings all the new base sizes needed to the Tech-Deck Base series for popular miniature games.

Backer Levels
This campaign will be kept simple and easy to follow. Backing is simple, Choose any reward from those offered, total up the amounts and make your pledge. Pledge levels are $10.00. $50.00, $100.00 and $150.00

Your pledge will help bring 10 or more new base sets to the Tech-Deck line while also being able to add sets from the existing range as Add Ons to your pledge. All bases will be produced using the highest quality Urethane Resin with Pressure cast production.

Free Rewards
There will also be some Free Rewards offered along the way as Stretch Goals.

Backers at the $50.00 Level will receive ONE FREE COPY of each unlocked FREE reward.
Backers at the $100.00 Level will receive TWO FREE COPIES of each unlocked FREE reward.
Backers at the $150.00 Level will receive THREE FREE COPIES of each unlocked FREE reward.

Faeit 212 Community News

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