The cover of the Dark Angels Codex has leaked, and with it images of the Unforgiven, limited edition codex. Check out the latest Dark Angel leaks.

Here is a link to the leaked images. Really spectacular cover art.

via Master Sheol on Bolter and Chainsword

in some of the tidbits is mentioned the following:
"Dark angels are known for their discipline (even guilliman respects says that) need proof? look at the overwatch fire of a battle demi-company!"

and "dark angels are known to attack hard and fast. expect the deathwing to assault on turn 2"

the upcomming WD has(sorry if it isnt 100% translated):
- at the dusk of a new age...
-...we are celebrating warhammer
- new mission: hunt The Fallen

no real leaks yet dear friends. expect them on the following tuesday/wednesday. when i got the book in my hands.

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