There is a QnA going on over on Bolter and Chainsword, and I believe it is still going on. I have compiled and listed all the information here as it came out. There are some definite winners and losers here, but over all this is looking like a very strong codex. Of course as we get a chance to actually see it, those reactions could shift.

Here is the latest Space Marine information.

via Leman Russ SW on Bolter and Chainsword
I have seen the new Marine Codex

the command tanks are not in it. Tac Squads can take Grav,
All dreadnoughts now have 4 base attacks.
Only LOW is Calgar.
No master of the Forge but Techmarines can take Conversion Beamers.
Iron Hand Chapter Tactics now add +1 to feel no pain.
Raven Guard lost Scout but not get Shrouded turn 1 and +1 to roll for Night fight.
Most others stay similar.

Sallies get 4+ FNP against flame weapons and preroll to wound with them.
Scars can no longer scout land raiders.
Templars can't take Librarians and get rage if they take damage from shooting the previous turn or overwatch.  Bolter Drill can use special ammo now.
Tac Doctrine lets tacsquads preroll all hits in shooting and assault.

Formations looked ok nothing amazing.  The termi one can DS from turn 1.  No assault marine formation :(.
Bike are troops if you take any HQ on a bike, no need to be five man now.
Temis squads of both kinds got a 5 point drop but TH SS cost the same as before after buying the upgrade for them.
Centurions are pretty much the same.

Ultras get the 3 doctrines other chapters can use the tac one once a game if they take the decurian which is call Gladius Strike force.
grav canons on tac Squads.
RG can add +1 to the dice roll for night fight.
No grav on dread that I saw.

Relics are the same as before no new ones.

Templars get counter attack too after getting shot.
Other armies only get the tac doc if they take the extra expensive formations. The docs look a lot better
Ultras probably have the best chapter tactics still. Twin links grav centurions in pods seems scarey. Chapter Master is now an upgrade for a captain.

Doctrines Basically they all allow to reroll ones for either shooting or assault depending on which one it is. Ultra Marines can use it twice.
Tacs reroll everything for the tac doc. Assault marines and assault centurions reroll all hits in combat for assault.
Devs and Dev centurions reroll shooting to hit for theirs.

The best formation from what I saw is strike force ultra. Can arrive turn 1 get +1 shot if ds or +1 a if assault from a vehicle
All vehicles can squadron you get bonus if you take 3. Whirlwinds get shred and pinning. Preds get monster and tank hunter.

yes, the Assault or Devastator Doctrine applies to all other squads on 1s like the Tactical Doctrine

Honour Guard are still there can be in units of 10 and can take raiders as transport.
There is a Raider formation.
Both anti air tanks got better, the stalker can fire twice at 2 targets or can be twin linked.
Signum no change.
Vanguard can preroll charge distance 1 or both dice and ignore disordered charge.
Most Character stayed the same, Emperor's Champion got a buff always s6 ap2 now.
Telion is now a HQ.  He is an IC as is Cronos
Cronos he has 2 wounds and can join a unit if his tank is destroyed.
Techmarines all have 2 wounds now.
TFC can be taken in squadrons, if you have 3 you get +1 BS.

Pods, Rhino's and Razor backs are Fast Attack choices now as well as dedicated so you can pod Centurions.

Command Squads are the same, 5 man no Special weapon for the Apoc and no jump packs, no Termi command either.

Calgar can pick his Warlord Trait from the marine list the best one being FNP.
Shrike and any jump unit he joins can infiltrate.
Vulcan master crafts melt weapons. Khan gives scout to bikes rhinos and razors.
No Iron Hand character.
You can take a librarian formation where one librarian can know any of the powers the others have if they don't cast and warp charges are on 3+

Lysander has 4 wounds and Eternal warrior still
Fist or Dorn is +6S.
Kantor makes Sternguards objective secured
Helbrecth gives all units Hatred and Fleet once per game.
Kahn, Sicarius and Him still only ap3.
Sicarius lets you effect reserves and give one tac squad a usr.

Honour Guard and Command Squads are Elites now you don't need characters to take them. Fist is still unwieldy. All termis are 5 cheaper TH SS upgrade is 5 points more.

Calgar the same just LOW and can choose his Warlord trait so will pretty much always have FNP.
He still lets you use a doctrine twice and now they are better he is better.

Sternguard are the same rules wise.
A few of the units have got cheaper by a few points.
Not sure on Termi weapons,
assault squads can take an evissorator for every 5 guys

Fear, reroll ld, FNP, can't remember the others, only the FNP stood out as being really good.
EC has no stances, 2+ 4++ 2 base attacks, I5 WS6 plus a pistol, In  a challenge can preroll to hit and wound and causes ID on a 6

Iron Hands get 6+ as standard or +1 to any other FNP, vehicles and characters have IWND and tech marines +1 to repair.
Raven Guard got shafted I was really disappointed with them.  Jump packs stay the same so can use them in both phases but lose of scout is huge.

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