There is still a lot of information coming for the new Dark Angels as we approach the codex's release this weekend. As it always happens, someone gets the dex early, and we get lots of information from various places that reveal what we are going to see.

Ravenwing looks incredibly strong atm, as reports in German still, are saying that Ravenwing will be able to re-roll their jink saves... Crazy. Check out the latest information including the Azrael the latest entry for a Lord of War, and much more.

Another concern from the leaks, is that Deathwing will not be playable as a stand alone army. That would be sad.

Here is a link to the rules in English
via Snoopy on Bolter and Chainsword

Really? Rerolls for Jink!
via Timotheus
RW is just op...reroll all cover rolls for jink.

via a reader on Spikey Bits

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