DzC fans know that out of all the games out there, 40k and Dropzone are my most commonly played games and the obsession of my gaming efforts. Dropzone Commander is spreading, and with it new locations to read up on the game, and the latest is the Dropzone Commenter over on Gamerati.

I recently sat down with Alex, who is the author of the new series on Gamerati dedicated to learning Dropzone Commander and all of it's nuances. He is local to me here in the Portland area, along with Ed Healy of Gamerati, so there may just be some coordination of events in the near future.

For now though, I wanted to plug a new series of articles, as they launch. There is a lot of good thoughts, tactics, modelling tips etc that are on the way.

Here is an introduction to both the game and the series.

Welcome to Dropzone Commenter!

Get Ready to Drop: What is DZC?

Faeit 212 Community News

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