Next week's hints are in, and it looks like a much slower week ahead. Inside the White Dwarf, and you can see the leaks in German, there is the Librarius Conclave, along with some White Dwarf Exclusive rules for both the Crimson Fists and Black Templar that I cannot read since I know zero German.

Leaked images can be seen at Gametrust. I am hoping to see some English translations on the rules. for the hints, the guys at Gametrust have translated them for us! Thank you.,warhammer-40-000-space-marines-wd-bilder-cover-vorschau-librarius-formation,id43746.html

via Gametrust
Theres an new formation called "Librarius Conclave".

And the preview for next week states:
- Hall of heroes
- Bitz and glue
- Forge World

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