I have been getting a lot of emails regarding the new upcoming Age of Sigmar. Some of it seems to be coming from stores asking their GW reps about the game, and other information.... well, just seems too far out in left field to post up on.

There was even one set claiming that there is no point system for the game, but until the source follows up on some serious questions on that, I have not posted it. The just of it was that the Age of Sigmar is a starter game with no point values and games set up in a narrative format.

Anyways, here is a collection of information that is coming in, mostly signifying that the Age of Sigmar will be a completely new game, and not Warhammer 9th edition. Whether its completely separate and 9th will be released later is still yet an unknown. The big thing here down here is that everyone will still be able to use their Warhammer Fantasy models in the game.

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I can confirm from a local hobby shop AND my FLGS that Age of Sigmar is not Fantasy 9th but a whole brand new system. So says their local GW reps. Sadly they were both unable to get anymore info.

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This is paraphrased from an email a local shop owner got from his GW rep.
They also mention "This system is a great way for new customers to start collecting fantasy miniatures." Sounds like it could be a way for new fantasy players to "start" a smaller army and still be able to play a balanced game while collecting enough models to play the more traditional larger fantasy games.

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Good afternoon,
Games Workshop is launching the Age of Sigmar - a completely new system – on July 11th. You can start promoting the Age of Sigmar in your store today!

What is the Age of Sigmar?
· The Age of Sigmar is a brand new system that continues the End Times story

· This system is a great way for new customers to start collecting fantasy miniatures

· Existing customers will be able to use their current miniature collections and add to them with the Age of Sigmar

It is a continuation of the story line, but not going back to the old world. 100% of the models available now will continue to be supported. The audience for this launch is not the dwindling number of Fantasy players, but for EVERYONE including the veterans but with the idea that this isn't "just" 9th edition which will just loose them more players but a whole new mechanic to draw people in.

They are actually doing trade shows and cons this year to drive interest in the game.

This is a continuation of the story of End Times but NOT the old world. If a model is currently for sale by GW it will be usable in some way.

I don't have confirmation of the horrible "reality bubbles" rumor, but he (HIS GW REP) is going to ask about it.

I'll be getting significantly more info the week of the 29th, with the idea of doing a build up event the week of the 4th.

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