Games Workshop is working up the hype for this, as now we can see at the stores that a lot of Fantasy has been removed already and the Age of Sigmar taking its place on the shelves. Check out a few of the latest sightings.....

if you have seen more, please link any stores up in the comments. Perhaps we will find out something soon on this.

Age of Sigmar Sightings.

via GameCouchProductions from earlier comment sections.
Went into my local GW today. He had the Age of Sigmar posters up on the shelf and none of the current army books. When I asked him why no books, he told me they had given him specific instructions to take them off the shelf and put the posters up. He also said they're still for sale. He said he highly doubts they'll discontinue them but there might be some kind of combined books, like a Beastmen, Skaven and Chaos etc all in one book. He genuinely doesn't know though. He said that if anyone at GW stores tells you anything as FACT they're lying. Head office apparently hasn't told anyone in the stores anything concrete so even what GW store staff say is still just speculation.

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