The Warhammer App is now on the Android platform, which has been an issue of complaint for some time now. I personally read the Warhammer App on an iphone, and while there is often not a lot of information there, free wallpapers is one of my favorite things to see listed there. Today though they are bringing back the Adamantine Lance Formation for the Imperial Knights as a free dataslate.

via Games Workshop
We are delighted to announce that the Warhammer app is now available for Android phones and tablets!

Download it for free today and keep up to date with all the news and releases from Digital Editions, and every other part of Games Workshop, including Black Library, Forge World and White Dwarf.

A massive celebration!
We're so excited about the launch of the Warhammer app on Android phones and tablets that we're giving app users a free Warhammer 40,000 datasheet!

Download the app now to unleash the power of a trio of Imperial Knights in your games of Warhammer 40,000 with the Adamantine Lance. Crush your foes with the bipedal behemoths!

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