Hints of a Terminator Captain clampack coming our way? It looks like it might be the Terminator Captain from Strike Force Ultra. Here is the latest hints and pic of the sprue.

A clampack release for this Terminator Captain are just speculation at this point, but with Atia chiming in on it.... it could very well happen now.

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
How about a clampack release of the Terminator Captain from Strike Force Ultra its a figure they already have the mold for and as Strike Force Ultra is no longer available and that captain has been going for stupid money on ebay they know there are plenty of people who would purchase that figure at the £20-£24 mark... 
as far as i know, you're spot on

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
In the SM Codex, a 'new' plastic Terminator Captain is pictured on pg106
(Ultramarines Captain). I think it's actually the model that was only
available in the strike Force Ultra box set. GW aren't in the habit of
including models in a codex that you can't actually buy, so add it all up,
and my conclusion is that is next.

the Termie Captain is shown again on the Strike Force Ultra
entry in the Codex on page 177

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