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I am finally doing some list tests to figure out what I really plan on bringing to Nova this year. So lets start off with the Scourge and see where this takes me.

The first one here maximizes the Command of the list, and uses dual Oppressors as its primary ground force backed up by an Annihilator. While this list is light on AA vehicles, it uses a squad of Stalkers for area denial and lets the Harbingers do the light dropship hunting. A set of Minders are there to float around the Annihilator, while the Prowlers are meant for a token backfield threat. I have also went with a token standard two troop unit Marauder, and a faster warriors in a light dropship to get in and out for quick objective grabbing.

The second list goes traditional with one of my favorite squads, a 9 strong squad of Hunters, backed up by Reaper AA, harassment Minders, and a Desolator. This list is designed to take advantage of the Scourge Command and hit hard with Hunters while providing search and destroy AA with the Reapers. Of course the Desolator with its new rules allow it to count towards focal points, and is a great benefit and is more efficient use of a command than using an Oppressor (no need to take a dropship)

While I have already ran the last list here, I plan on running the first one tomorrow. Possibly with a list variant of a tormentor squad in there in place of the Annihilator.

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  1. new golden spray and how to build a warrior of the god-king :P

    Atia :)

  2. The thing i fear the most about Scourge are Destroyers... where are they? ;)
    It really depends on the meta, but i think you may struggle against exotic heavy armies. Warriors just melt in CQB.
    2x Oppressors sounds like fun. I think it can work well, but it may play very differently than usual scourge. Just for tactics purposes.

  3. I used to use a lot of destroyers. however I do so very little anymore, as they are outclassed by other factions special forces. Don't get me wrong, I think they are good, but not point efficient for what they are. They need to be supported by other forces when push comes to shove.

    Other ways to take out exotic special forces are numerous. Its rare anymore that I make a list designed to take on other infantry in CQB.There are some good tricks in doing this, like using command cards to escape a CQB with with whatever survives, and then torching the building, or taking it down.

    Scourge have some great weapons to take down buildings. Nothing like hitting a building with 9 Hunters. I look forward to the new Scourge Raiders, with an aircraft that can flame buildings.