This came in this morning, and it looks like an email sent to stores detailing out novels, limited edition release pricing, and a little information on the Age of Sigmar release.

Take a look at the latest information regarding Dark Angels and the Age of Sigmar.

Please take these as rumors, until we get something more official.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
There will be a $165 limited edition web codex this week for DA. There is 
also a new hardback (the unforgiven), audiobook, and collection of short 
stories (lords of caliban,hardback).

Age of Sigmar is a new Fantasy system that will support all GW 
Fantasy models currently sold by GW.

It will continue the narrative where the End Times Books left off.

It is not Warhammer 9th Edition.

Print out the Trail poster (attached) to be put in front of the Warhammer 
rules books and Army books.

Ask people to sign up on the “Interest sheet” (attached) so that when we 
have the more detailed info you can share it with them.

It is able to be pre-ordered on 07-04-15 (Save the date of your 
pre-order party!)

It is able to be sold at your store on 07-11-15 (Save the date 
for your launch party!)

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