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The Badab War Part 1

There is an ad that pops up when you are trying to order Forgeworld models for the Badab War Part 1. The Badab War Part One is Imperial Armour Volume 9, is there the possibility that a new update is coming? The Ad leads to an error page.

Its still there as of this morning when I checked. It could very well just be a mistake on the site, and the ad nothing important, however an update to 7th edition could also be under way. An update is speculation at this point, based on the ad and its error page.

via a reader on Faeit 212
Interestingly enough there seems to be an Ad on forgeworld for a BADAB WAR
PART ONE, that when clicked leads to a 404 error. you can find the ad if you go to the checkout
section of the store.

clicking on the ad led to this 404 error.

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  1. That same ad has been there for years. Every time I try to order, that ad has been there.

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  3. I asked forgeworld about the Space Marine and the Badab Book updates maybe a week ago. This is the reply I received.

    Thanks very much for your email. As you can imagine we are eagerly awaiting this information ourselves! The magos lords of the Forge World studio are working on an update but we don't have any time frame as to when this will be released. In the mean time we recommend that you sit down and discuss any questions that come up with your gaming group. That way you can get on with the most important business of destroying one another on the tabletop!

    1. Virtually same reply I got. I asked if the chapter tactics and characters under download section were compatible with new marine codex

    2. If they skip IA:8, I will be furious, I'll poop a killa kan. Have you ever been so furious you pooped a killa kan? Well I'll be.

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    4. I won't be happy either, I play Orks and Raven Guard, so I'd love to see the Ork stuff updated and for Korvydae to actually get updated for once (he got skipped over when all the Badab War Chapters and Characters got updated when 6th Ed SM got released)

  4. I'm pretty sure that ad has been there since before Christmas last year.

    I don't think it's anything meaningful.

    However, FW are selling the Badab v1 and v2 bundle set for a really good price recently, so I definitely recommend picking that up whilst you can

  5. Just as they did before updating Vrak. On the other side, if nobody wants Badab's stuff, they won't update it.

  6. I would love for an updste that makes Silas Alberec of the Exorsists somewhst good. I have yet to use my conversion in a game.

  7. They used those banners since 2011: