There are leaked images already out for the new Space Marine codex that show the new Combat Doctrines as well as the updated Chapter Tactics. Also the Black Templar can be seen here, so we know for certain now that these are in the codex.

Here is a link to the leaked images

via Dariokan on Bolter and Chainsword
Ok, got the book in hand.
So, in no particuliar order :
-Gauntlet of Ultramar lost Unwieldy. Still not specialist. So that's base 5A at I5 S8. Calgar loses his grenades if taking the Armor of Antilochus though.
-Grav Cannon with amp is NOT 7 but 4 melta bombs.
-Sicarius gained Furious Charge. Dropped by 2 melta bombs.
-Tigurius unchanged and did NOT gained rending has previously said.
-Cassius unchanged
-Telion no longer an upgrade, but IC. Gained one HP, costs 10 melta bombs
-Chronus gained one hp, treated as a passenger if tank goes kaboom. Otherwise unchanged. Upgrade vehicule to character smile.png
-Khan unchanged
-Vulkan unchanged
-Shrike unchanged
-Django Unchained
-Lysander got his weapons changed from S10 to +6S. Weird.
-Rest have been discussed.

-Terminator captain is no longer a separate entry. CM is an upgrade. Nothing else changed
-Libby, Chaplain unchanged
-Techmarine : Costs +3 Melta Bombs, comes stock with a power axe, +1HP +1CT. Basically the new MotF but at - 5 melta bombs. Motf as disappeared.

-Scouts HAVE A MARINE STATLINE without point modification. Yes, you read that right.
-Crusader squads have been written off the book. No, that one's not true. Sorry for that templars smile.png

-Command squads are elite now, -2 melta bombs
-Assault Centurions dropped by 5 melta bombs (unit), 1 per model. Veteran Sergeant is NOT stock now, an upgrade of 2 melta bombs. (still comes cheaper by 3 smile.png)
-Vanguard Veterans : power weapon and lightning claw upgrade now ONLY COSTS ONE MELTA BOMB PER MODEL. Heroïc intervention let reroll one or two dice when charging, not taking malus for multiple charges. Relic blade on the sarge is only 3 melta bombs now.
-Sternguards went down by 2 melta bomb (as it should have been in the previous dex)
-I confirm that Dreads have 4 attacks. Cannot take multiple drop pods for units of dread. They have chapter tactics, ninja boost for the UM.
-Contrary to what was said, the Legion of the Damned deep striking is not buffed. Completely unchanged.
-Terminator -5 melta bombs per unit, one per model. TH/SS now cost 2, has said.

-Assault squads comes stock without Jump Packs, but in the final same PPM.
-Assault bikes went down by one melta bomb per model.
-Land speeders went down by one melta bomb, as well some of their weapon upgrade (to lazy to check line by line)
-Stormtalon now comes with a bonus 6" if zooming. Keeps the strafing run. Weapon upgrades cost vastly reduced.

-Dev squads can now take a cherub. Give them the silly look special rule, as well as reroll to hit. For one model. One use only. Yay. Auspex now decreases the cover save by one (12" range).
-Dev centurions have the same price tweaks as assault. Grav cannon is + one melta bomb on them, for a total of five. Costlier for them than for other squads.
-Tank squads are as previously said, with special rules.
-Vindicators lost the stock Storm Bolter, lost one melta bomb per model.

AAAAAAAAAAAAND that's all folks.

Last minute update : price for the Grav Cannon in the armory varies between the french (20 points) and the german dex (35).

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