Dark Angels are up for Pre-Orders now, and if you live in many places, the limited the edition codex is already sold out. All of Europe for the most part looks sold out, as is Australia and New Zealand. The United States are not quite up yet, and the refresh wars are about to begin.

Games Workshop Pre-Orders Today
Codex: Dark Angels £35
Codex: Dark Angels Reclusiam Edition £100Pre-order
Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain £18
Warhammer 40,000 Datacards: Dark Angels £7.50

Dark Angels Battle Demi-company £279
Deathwing Redemption Force £186.50
Ravenwing Silence Squadron £135

These previews were gathered by Sammael El'Jacson on Bolter and Chainsword . I have not been able to get them yet (not available to me yet here in the US).

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