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New Dropzone Commander Models Revealed!

Quite literally it seems someone jumped the gun and revealed the next set of releases for Dropzone Commander along with the pricing. For one the new Scourge units look and sound amazing...... not to mention that each of these seems to fill in a niche not already in each army. I can't wait to hear more, and to get some insight to some rules on these!!!

These come from While I can't read the article, the descriptions are in English. Here is what was said.

Heavy Hazard Suits – 13,49 Euro (4 Bases)
Heavy Hazard Suits were developed for working in extreme conditions on frontier worlds and on the outside hulls of ships. Since 2653, many Heavy Hazard Suits have been used as pickets in areas where hostile aliens and fauna are frequent threats – militarising them was the next logical step.

Removing the original civilian systems freed up space for the capacitors and hyper accelerators needed for a suit-portable railgun.

Scourge Screamer + Raider Heavy Dropship – 23,99 Euro
The Screamer is a chillingly familiar unit to Resistance fighters, but is only now being encountered by UCM troops. Unlike many enemy units, it is rare that the Screamer is visually identified.

The Screamer is a consummate terror weapon, part of a second wave of any Scourge invasion to root out pockets of resistance and demoralise any survivors, breeding a miasmic sense of despair as is scuttles with chilling speed towards its prey. In addition to its already potent mental weapons, the Screamer is armed with sets of powerful, metal sheathed claws which in conjunction with its massive size and augmented musculature make it more than capable of ripping a heavy battle tank to shreds.

The Raider is a dedicated insertion platform for esoteric and specialist Scourge units. It is designed to fully envelope bulky units that have highly specific mission parameters, often as outliers to the main Scourge force. Horrific weapon systems complete the package, supporting the elite troops it disgorges with lethal anti-personnel acid hoses comparable to those on a Tormentor heavy battle tank.

Medusa + Triton-X – 15,99 Euro
While little that is known of PHR Siren corps, one thing is very clear; these women are the elite, and exceptionally few in number. However even among the rarest individuals there are exceptional specimens – those whose innate affinity with their technological enhancements allow them to effortlessly control many hundreds of viewpoints with ease, and many thousands with dedicated training and further honing of their talents.

These are the Medusae, the 0.0001 % of the PHR’s population capable of harnessing the power of thousands of slaved Familiars to their will with devastating effect. In battle, a Medusa will appear to ‘fly’, levitated on a swarming, seething pillar of nanomachines and Familiars, sowing destruction and aiding her allies in combat until the enemy is utterly destroyed.

The Triton– X is a specially modified transport for Medusa units. The fact that the PHR has created a specific transport to carry these exceptional women into the fray reflects their immense power. It also has the capacity for additional nanomachines, which can replenish and repair any losses that the Medusa’s swarm might sustain from enemy fire.

Shaltari Pungari Auxiliaries – 18,49 (8 Bases)
The discovery of the cradle worlds and very foundation of the UCM can be traced to the first contact with the Shaltari and their help in exploring the galaxy. However, the less than altruistic designs that the Shaltari apparently had for using humanity as cannon fodder quickly put paid to any thoughts of long term alliance. In the Pungari, it seems the Shaltari have found a much more pliant (if less capable) race to exploit. Despite their obvious mental and technological inferiority to their masters, they are slavishly devoted to the Shaltari and appear willing to die in large numbers for them should one be present to witness their sacrifice.

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  1. Awesome. I cannot wait for the rules for these to become available :)

  2. Wonder if the Raider can be used for the worms. I remember an interview in which it was mentioned there would be a transport, other than the heavy tanks, for the worms.

    Sorry I don't know names of things. I've only recently been curious about the game.

    1. yeah I hope so too. the current method of transport is less than stellar :)

  3. The Screamer is very Giger esque, the hazard suited infantry reminds me of Harkonen, and someone has been watching Hero6 ;-)

    These are not bad things!

  4. Really pumped to see the rules for those models.

  5. These are awesome but one question: Where's the resistance?

    1. The Resistance will get one new unit i think. A sidecar motorcycle.
      Those infantry units for the other factions are basicly to catch up to what the Resistance got in Reconquest: Phase 1
      They have Resistance Fighters, Veterans, Berzerkers, Marine Force Recon and Freeriders. Whereas the other factions only had 2, maybe 3 infantry units. One standard and one exotic.

    2. Even though Resistance did get more infantry options then the other factions, they seem to have less land vehicle options then the other factions particularly in the Support area (where they have only 2 while the others have about 4). I'm not sure where these other Freeriders with a GL fall in, but I would hope that Resistance would be getting more light vehicles since it was rumored that there was going to be more infantry and light vehicles for this book.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. These are all up for preorder on the HWG site.