There is a lot going on regarding the July 4th pre-orders of the Age of Sigmar. The current rumors and information are saying a completely new game, with much of the old game being removed. A huge change is definitely on the horizon.... Check out the latest.

via a secret Squirrel on Raffazza Time
Stores have been told to remove the following from their shelves:
Island of Blood
Warhammer Rulebook
All WFB Army Books
All WFB End Times Books
All WFB Campaign Books/Boxes
All magic cards
Movement trays
Deathknell watch

No models or Black Library novels will be affected
Age of Sigmar preorders: 4th July
Age of Sigmar release: 11th July

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Armybooks, the rulebook, end times books, magic cards etc. will vanish from store shelves and be replaced by AoS paper cards. But these products will still be sold if you ask for them :)

via PointyEaredUngor in the comment sections here on Faeit 212
My GW store owner just confirmed that US Pre-orders WILL be on July 4th. The announcements appear to be coming way earlier than expected.

via Harry on Warseer
I think it all kicks off with the box set I have hinted at for some time with Chaos V's humans. The human faction will be more than just Sigmar Knights ... it will have regular Humans in it and everything and I think the Chaos in the box will be Khorne themed. This will be quickly followed by a bunch of other Human and chaos releases. I suspect after these have had their moment in the spotlight they will crack on with the next couple of armies ...

 yeah .... about the army books .... there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is ..... OK .... actually ... there is no good news.

via Drakkar du Chaos on Warseer
GW vendor said WFB books are going to dissapear. They recieve lots of merchandising for 9th. Rule book in July and Starter Box in September (seems to me LATE). Army Book in it.

via Urgat on Warseer (in response to Drakkar's Comment above)
No, armybooks of the starter box to follow, not in it.

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