There is a lot to this Space Marine codex, and its going to be the largest codex to date reaching 200 pages. There is more too, with some more details of the new Devastator box set that includes a Cherub carrying a Melta Bomb!

Here are some of the details.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Can confirm some bits from White Dwarf. 

2 weapons each of lascannon, multi melta, heavy bolter, plasma cannon, missile launcher & grav cannon.
6 sets of legs inc one kneeling
The firing rockets are optional and there are 2 in the box.
Yes there really is a cherub carrying a melta bomb.

Chapter Tactics appear to be for the army and then certain Doctrines can be applied on a turn by turn basis
- Tactical Doctrine: Effected models can re-roll 1's in shooting and assault phases this turn. Tactical squads and characters that have joined them, may re-roll all failed to hit rolls

There's White Dwarf Exclusive objectives in this issue for armies using Salamanders Chapter Tactics (1 of them "Weather the Storm" is to launch an assault and to not suffer a casualty to Overwatch just for example)

Space Marine codex is 200 pages (largest yet) including a Gladius Strike Force Detachment and 12 Formations.

Codex features Salamander Chapter Structure and White Scar squad & company markings.

Codex is £35/$58 US

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