Ive been doing some serious testing of my UCM forces at a couple point levels, both 1500 and 2000pts. Now I can truly say the army can take on a whole new level of power just simply jumping up from a clash game to a battle, and it was quite surprising just how distinct that difference was.

Now of course 1500pts are smaller games, and things must be removed from lists if you are scaling down. What I wanted to discuss though was the power of Kodiak between these two point levels. A clash or tournament level game only allows for a single Kodiak, but going up just small jump in points and suddenly 2 and even 3 command units can be put into a game. This in general is not a big thing, as the other factions also jump up to 3 command units at a battle level game. However, what made this unique is that the UCM Kodiak can reach the entire board with its small E13 blast. 2 or 3 of them are quite devastating in a list.

Now throw in two Ferrums and you have a continuous supply of scout units on the field to direct your aim at the enemy. Throw in a couple Longbows, and suddenly much of the tabletop becomes your battlefield.

The very last game I played with this type of configuration won simply on being able to threaten the entire board like this. I fielded 2 Longbows, 2 Kodiaks, 2 Ferrums, and a Phoenix Command Gunship. Quite literally the game was won on the speed of the sprite drones being able to reach a fleeing light dropship carrying an objective. The dropship blew up in the air, and destroyed the objective that my opponent needed to win the game. The game was called in round 5, even though my casualties were much much higher than my opponents. The threat range of this list just hit too hard, and there was no way for my opponent to stop me from winning the game. (note that early victories like this are rare in Dropzone Commander)

Now dropping down to 1500pts and a clash battle, a list like this can only take a single Kodiak for command, but can maintain the two ferrums, 2 longbows which brings it back down under control.

One thing I found very fun and interesting with these lists, was the versatility of the Longbows, using their smart smoke to protect a ferrum that had gotten caught in the cross hairs of a new Nemesis Command Walker. If it was not for the smoke, the Nemesis would of made short work of a Ferrum and Kodiak that it was gaining position on.

Kodiaks and Ferrums make great partners in a backfield.

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