There is quite a bit of miscelleneaus information from various places here, and I wanted to make sure that these all saw the light of day. So we have translations from various pages of this week's leaked information, some direct info from someone with the White Dwarf in hand, and finally some rumors on the new codex regarding Drop Pods.

Please remember that the information below contains rumors.

Translations from Leaked Information
via bbiron in the comment section here on Faeit 212
(thank you for the translations)
Not sure if this is already posted or common knowledge, but for what it's worth, Translation from various pages of the leaks confirming Natfka's hunch on WS:

"There are limited editions of the Codex: Space Marines, six of them for the different orders of the first founding, which follow the Codex Astartes. The seventh is for the Successor Chapters. Each limited edition has a sturdy slipcase including two books. The first is the codex itself, which is decorated with artwork depicting the respective character of the order perfectly... (page too bent for me to continue reading)"

From page showing all 7 limited editions, the side notes: (quotes are my assumptions because the photo is cut off)
"The seven limited edition codexes Top from left to right: Ultramarines, Imperial fists and Raven Guard. Bottom from left to right: Iron Hands, Salamanders, The Successor Chaptors and White Scars. (It also says something about the artwork for the successor chapters, but the page is cut off).

The contents of the slipcase include six objective (markers made) of robust metal, (featuring a) Space Marine helmet (on one side) and a digit I - IV on the (other). The tactical missions (cards) include the six missiones from the Codex Space Marines, (page cut off)... the color manual (showcases) the successors (chapters and is) an ideal to staring point for strong (Inspiration?)...

From the table of contents:
Battle forces: "Ultramarines, Blood Angles, and Dark Angles Chapters: With a new set (coming out), you can start a new beginner army ... or can enrich (a current force) with reinforcements.

Space Marines: 
"...codex we have ever published..... you more about this brand new monster of a book.

Limited Editions: 
" on such an occasion? How about one (limited) edition? No ? How about seven?"

"space marine tank from a past age : The ....pattern-Vindicator breaks bunkers and leave its mark. 

White Dwarf in Hand
via Machinepriest on Warseer
I have the new White Dwarf in hand and in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, the Devastator box comes with two of each weapon and a lot of options for the Sergeant.
The Limited Edition codex, like the previous version come in seven different variants.
White Scars
Raven Guard
Imperial Fists
Iron Hands
Successor Chapters

Space Marine Rumors
via Charlo on Bolter and Chainsword
a tad of rumors from "Charlo"

Obviously not concrete, but I've heard on the grapevine that the new dex will have FA Pods (obviously) but nothing with bulky, or worse than a 3+ save can use them, unless they are dedicated (maybe?).

Would make sense, as it would curb allied pod nonsense. It would also force you to teleport your Termies in if wanting to deep strike (Fluffy) with Homer Support.

Only thing is then you have access to non restrictive pods via Wolves and BA, which makes me think we're still getting a hell of an FAQ or this book is going to really unite the Marine factions for the better!

this would also get rid of the Centurion Grav Pods some people are worried about.

Not the Devs though... Although, with their new armored feet maybe Devs will become Bulky with slow and purposeful or something, as you probably couldn't fit 10 marines and four heavies in a pod anyway.

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