We are only a few short hours from the release of the newest release, Warriors of Chaos army book. Of course it would only be natural that we have a little more information for you about what is in it.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (no permission was given for the name of the source)
regarding the forsaken d6 roll:
1: the unit gains always strikes last
2: the unit gains armor piercing
3: the unit gains always strikes first
4: the unit gaines poisoned attacks
5: the unit gains regeneration (5+)
6: the unit gains the killing blow rule

also the lore of tzeentch :

Lore attribute : for every successful spellcast you gain a additional power dice for each 6 you rolled. only the wizard that generated those can use those power dice

Signature: MM 24" D6 S:D6 hits with warpflame rule cast on 5+. can extend to 48" for 8+

1: hex spell with 24" the enemy unit must use the lowest ldt in the unit and cannot benefit from inspiring presence or hold your ground. cast on 7+ may be extended to 48" on a 10+

2: DD Breath Template. roll on the artillery dice and move it the amount forward. all models under the template suffer a S D6 hit with warpflame. cast on 8+

3: MM 24" Single D6+4 hit with Multiple wounds (d3) and warpflame. penetrates ranks like a bolt thrower and armor saves are not allowed against it. cast on 8+

4: DD hits a single enemy wizard within 18". the caster and the target both roll a D5 and add their wizard level. if the user is equal or higher than the target the enemy suffers a S 3 hit with warpflame, loses one wizard level (minimum 0) and forgets one random spell. the caster gains this spell and can use it as normal. cast on 8+

5: DD 3ß" small blast. scatters D6" all models hit suffer a S D6 hit with warpflame. cast on 13+. can be extended to be a larg blase with 2D6 scatter. cast on 16+

6: DD with 24" the target suffers 2D6 S 2D6 hits with warpflame. roll for the strength first, if the Strength of the Spell is 10 then the target suffers 3D6 hits instead.

warpflame: at the end of each phase. a unit that sufferd one or more unsaved wounds from such a attack must take a T test. if failed the unit suffers D3 Wounds with nor Armor saves allowed. if the unit passes all models in the unit gain regeneration 6+ for the rest of the game. if the unit allready got Regeneration it is improved by 1.

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