We are only a few short hours from the release of the newest release, Warriors of Chaos army book. Of course it would only be natural that we have a little more information for you about what is in it.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (no permission was given for the name of the source)
regarding the forsaken d6 roll:
1: the unit gains always strikes last
2: the unit gains armor piercing
3: the unit gains always strikes first
4: the unit gaines poisoned attacks
5: the unit gains regeneration (5+)
6: the unit gains the killing blow rule

also the lore of tzeentch :

Lore attribute : for every successful spellcast you gain a additional power dice for each 6 you rolled. only the wizard that generated those can use those power dice

Signature: MM 24" D6 S:D6 hits with warpflame rule cast on 5+. can extend to 48" for 8+

1: hex spell with 24" the enemy unit must use the lowest ldt in the unit and cannot benefit from inspiring presence or hold your ground. cast on 7+ may be extended to 48" on a 10+

2: DD Breath Template. roll on the artillery dice and move it the amount forward. all models under the template suffer a S D6 hit with warpflame. cast on 8+

3: MM 24" Single D6+4 hit with Multiple wounds (d3) and warpflame. penetrates ranks like a bolt thrower and armor saves are not allowed against it. cast on 8+

4: DD hits a single enemy wizard within 18". the caster and the target both roll a D5 and add their wizard level. if the user is equal or higher than the target the enemy suffers a S 3 hit with warpflame, loses one wizard level (minimum 0) and forgets one random spell. the caster gains this spell and can use it as normal. cast on 8+

5: DD 3ß" small blast. scatters D6" all models hit suffer a S D6 hit with warpflame. cast on 13+. can be extended to be a larg blase with 2D6 scatter. cast on 16+

6: DD with 24" the target suffers 2D6 S 2D6 hits with warpflame. roll for the strength first, if the Strength of the Spell is 10 then the target suffers 3D6 hits instead.

warpflame: at the end of each phase. a unit that sufferd one or more unsaved wounds from such a attack must take a T test. if failed the unit suffers D3 Wounds with nor Armor saves allowed. if the unit passes all models in the unit gain regeneration 6+ for the rest of the game. if the unit allready got Regeneration it is improved by 1.


  1. GW at it again with the blummin Chaos random charts. They must know how much we all love them. lol

    1. It is "chaotic," as it should be :D

    2. I dont mind that warpflame my mate is a woc player and I wont mind that against me

    3. The dice gods are fickle enough thanks. :P Still least it isn't as bad as past random charts from GW. *shudders*

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  3. Got the book in my hands now. It's nice, in particular visually, but it feels more like a minor update than an entirely new armybook. Whether this is a ggo or a bad thing is up for debate, but I'm okay with it.
    My biggest gripe is that the armylist is kinda unpleasant to look at, but that's just a matter of taste.
    Also, no Crom and nerfed Kholek make me a sad man.

    1. Good to hear Cruddace didn't wiff things up then,

  4. Forsaken, 19 points per body BEFORE marks. Don't know if want.

    1. They are one more point than before with beefed up rules and chaos armor.

    2. The rules are a vast improvement over what they used to be. I guess I'm still stuck in that mindset where you say "Why would I take these over Chosen?"

      Being core now, they might be worth using MSU.

    3. Instead of being utterly outclassed by Chosen, they're now outclassed by Chaos Warriors.

      19 points is way too much for what they bring to the table. In fact, almost every existing fast unit from the prev book (inc update) just feels like support units rather than heavy lifters.

    4. I haven't found a place for them in my list yet (and I don't think I honestly will at this rate). Right now Nurgle Warriors are going to be an amazing anvil, and Khorne Halberd Warriors are still going to be a nice hammer. If I want a nice flanking unit (probably about the only thing a small unit of Forsaken would be good for), I'd take Knights or Marauder horsemen.

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  6. Warflame sucks.
    The only decent use I can think of, is combine it with the withering or something on a unit of low-model count guys eg: knights

  7. I will probably spring for 2x 20 slaanesh forsaken with chariots to support them.


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