Out of the fetid swamps come my next two models that are almost done, 2 Brood Grists. I am really enjoying getting these models ready for game play (even though I have a Dark Age game tonight). These are fantastic models, that you really do not get to see all the detail until you get them painted up.

Here the pics. I just took them where I was working, so when I get more painted up I will set them up with the backgrounds etc to get some better shots. One thing to realize, is that these are large models. You can see a harpy along the right side of the opening pic, she is normal (human sized).

Next models in line, are two Brood Rachets, which are about halfway done.


  1. Nice job! They remind me of Swamp Thing. I do love that leech brute thing. Looks like a chest burster who's been eating it's Weetabix.

    1. PS. Leech Brute is a TM of NurgleBurgers LTD :P

  2. Hey these look good! Freaky as hell, but good. I think it's great you are covering Dark Age--the more the variety the better in my opinion. I've been dipping into Infinity lately and it's really nice to explore a system outside of GW.


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