First off, we have some very great and wonderful people that often come to the site, and do help out on what is real or not. Its nice when I get these emails because it gives us a chance to get some insight into the upcoming release and helps us to uncover what is or is not fiction.

While I cannot post up everything normally sent, I wanted to make sure I do get up what I am allowed to when I get emails like this. A huge thanks to the source for the info and rumor checking.

the rumors he is checking are the ones linked here.

via an anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
For your site:
I just thought you'd want to know those Daemon rumors you posted up are fakes.

Greater Daemons are stronger than last edition. Troops are about the same and a little bit cheaper here and there.

All daemons can deep strike or can start on the board and when you reserve units for deep strike they kinda come in waves, it's similar but new at the same time.


  1. This seems totally legit, even though somewhat vague.

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  3. This makes a lot more sense. A bloodthirster that can eat an army? For that sort of points cost? Yeah right, this isn't 7th edition Fantasy...

    ...Although it could still be written by Matt Ward.

  4. You get the choice to deep strike or not? Now that I can totally approve of!

  5. Deepstrike everything forever. Its the only *real* way to play daemons.

  6. Daemon Pictures...

    1. Wow neat. Very dynamic. Thanks.

    2. The flies look... Nurglish. I don't think they're flies actually.
      The Slaaneesh herald and Khorne daemons on the chariot/cannon look a bit flat. They seem rather reminiscent of the original metal bloodletters/daemonettes, but I hope that this is just the low resolution.
      Everything else is pretty good, BUT:
      The Khorne Herald.

      I want it. I want it so badly. I would quite happily kill to get my hands on it. Huh, spilling blood to get a model who exists only in the fictional universe to spill blood for his master, the blood god.

  7. I thought this would be the case. Some very good notes from this set of rumours though - if they are accurate of course - is that Greater Daemons are indeed more powerful, whilst our Troops are cheaper whilst retaining their strong abilities.

    Also, we can choose to deep strike or deploy on the board now! Hooray!

  8. There we go, that's more like it. Troops being cheaper and staying roughly the same stat-wise was pretty much what I had expected.

  9. Although it can lead to problems I always liked the idea that daemons arrive from the warp. Needs/needed tweaking but its very fluffy.


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