The bits of rules we have been getting today were in German, and now we have an even clearer translation from one of our readers here. I thought I would share this before we move on to more information.

German Rumor Translation thanks to Oliver
A more accurate translation:

Daemon belong to a specific god and have USR Hatred for their opposing god (Nurgle/Tzeentch, Khorne/Slaanesh). Herald of one god cannot join a unit from another god.

Khorne USR: Rage, Re-Roll Charge distance

Tzeentch: +3 LD for Psykic tests, Re-Roll Saves of 1

Nurgle: Slow and Purposefull, Shrouded, Defensive Grenades

Slaanesh: Rending, Move thru Cover, +3” to run distance for infantry, +6 “to run distance for cavalry (only if the whole unit is cavalry), +3” Flat out for chariots

 Daemonic Instability
Units with this USR may not be joined by units without this USR. Unit passes all Fear, Pinning and Moral tests. If a Unit with this USR looses in Close Combat, it must test for Instability on 2D6.

If the test is failed, the Unit takes wounds equal to the difference between its LD value and the roll.

If you roll Double 1, all wounds lost in this combat are restored. Place lost models back on the table

If you roll Double 6, the whole unit is removed from play.

Warlord Table
War Lord Table:
1)Warlord gains Instant Death USR
2)Warlord and his unit gain Hatred (Everything) USR
3)As long as the War Lord is alive, your opponent test for Fear at -1 LD
4) As Long as the War Lord is alive, units within 12” of the War Lord may re-roll Daemonic Instability
5) As long as the War Lord is alive, you may re-roll results on the Warp Storm Table
6)Units with the Daemon USR may Deep Strike within 6” of the War Lord without scatter.

Warp Storm Table
The Warp Storm Table is only used when Chaos Daemons are your Primary Detachment. Roll on the Warp Storm Table at the beginning of the Daemon Players Shooting Phase

2) The Storm is receding: All units with the Daemonic Instability USR (Friend and Foe) immediately test for Daemonic Instability

3) Punishment of the Gods: A random character model with Daemonic Instability (Friend or Foe) immediately tests for Daemonic Instability on 3D6. Wounds suffered in this manner can only be allocated to that model.

4) Warp Quake: All models with the Daemon USR suffer a -1 penalty to their saves until the next roll on this chart (friend or foe)

5) Storm of Fire: Roll a D6 for every unit with the Daemon of Nurgle USR or Mark of Nurgle or enemy unit that is not locked in combat. On a roll of 6, place a large blast marker on one of the models in the unit. Scatter 2D6. All models under the template suffer a S4 AP5 Ignore Cover, Pinning hit ).

6) Glorious Rot: Roll a D6 for every unit with the Daemon of Tzeentch or Mark of Tzeentch or enemy unit not locked in combat. On a roll of a 6, the unit suffers D6 S4 AP3 Poison (4+) hits. Vehicles are hit on Side Armor.

7) Calm Warp: Nothing happens

8) The Dark Prince Thirsts: Roll a D6 for every unit with the Daemon of Khorne USR or Mark of Khorne or enemy unit that is not locked in combat. On a roll of 6, the unit suffers D6 S6 AP- Ignore Cover, Rending hits.

9) Khornes Rage: Roll a D6 for every unit with the Daemon of Slaanesh USR or Mark of Slaanesh or enemy unit that is not locked in combat. On a roll of 6, center a small blast marker on a model of your choice in the unit and scatter 2D6. Models under the blast template suffer a S8 AP 3 Pinning hit.

10) Warp Flood: All units with the Daemon USR gain +1 to all saving throws until the next roll on the Warp Storm Table (friend or foe)

11) Daemonic Possesion: A random enemy non-vehicle .Psyker that is not a daemon must pass a Leadership test on 3D6. If the test is failed, the Psyker is removed from play. Place a Herald of a god of your choice within 6" of the removed model. The Herald does not receive any upgrades.

12) Blessing of the Warp: A new unit of 2D6+3 Bloodletters, Pink Horrors, Daemonetts or Plaguebearers (your choice) arrives via deep strike.

All Daemons have a 6+ Armor Save. Some daemons (for example Bloodthirster have a 3+)

Bloodthirster lost EW

Skulltaker has EW and 3+ Armor

Lord Of Change is Level 2 Psyker and Flying FMC

11-15 Pink Horrors generate 2 Warp Points, 16-20 generate 3

Fateweaver has a 4++, Level 4 Psyker. He knows all Tzeentch powers. Right Head knows one power from Pyromancy and Divination, Left Head knows one power from Telepathy and Pyromancy. Declare which head you want to use at the beginning of each turn. May re-roll a single D6 each phase.

Blue Scribes are not Psykers, but generate one power each turn from the main rule book. They can use that power without rolling a psykic test.

The Changeling may exchange any of his stats with an enemy non-vehicle model stat in base contact (WS, S, W, I, A) until the end of the turn

Great Unclean One is Psyker Level 1, Biomancy and Nurgle

Beasts of Nurgle can charge in the opponents turn.

Ku'Gath can regenerate wounds on Nurgling Swarms

Epi only effects Daemons of Nurgle within 6" and tally works based on unsaved wounds caused by Daemons of Nurgle:
7+: +1 Strength
14+: +1 Toughness
21+: 2+ poison
28+: 4+ Feel No Pain

Keeper of Secrets has Prefered Enemy Eldar and Dark Eldar. Psyker Level 1, Telepathy and Slaanesh

The Mask re-rolls all failed saves. It has multiple different dances

There are Chaos Furies

Flamers of Tzeench: If they caused a wound, take a test every turn for that unit. If the test is failed, you take D3 wounds, if you pass the test, you gain FNP (6+)

 Skull Cannon: If you assault a unit that has been hit by a shot from the Skull Cannon, you suffer no initiative penalty for assaulting thru difficult terrain.

Axe of Khorne: Instant Death on a roll of 6 to wound.

Mutated Warpknife (Tzeentch): If it kills a enemy Character or MC, that model is turned into a Chaos Spawn on a roll of 2+

Warp Poisoning: If a Character or MC looses its last wound due to a Close Combat attack from the Staff of Change, all units within D6 inches (friend and foe) suffer D6 hits at S5 AP -

Mace of Disease: Models that suffer an unsaved wound from this weapon must pass a Toughness Test or suffer an additional wound. No saves of any kind can be taken to prevent this additional wound.

 Many Characters cannot buy equipment, but can buy Minor, Major and Legendary enhancements for a certain point cost. These are randomly determined at the same time as Warlord Traits are rolled. You may have the same enhancements more than once on each character, but the random result can only be applied once to each character. Re-roll doubles. Rolls can be exchanged for special weapons.

Minor Boons
Result 0: (May replace roll on the chart)
Magical Weapon: Etherknife (AP2, Mastercrafted, Specialist Weapon)
Daemon of Khorne may take an Axe of Khorne instead
Daemon of Tzeench may take a Staff of Change instead
Daemon of Nurgle mau take a Mace of Disease instead
Daemon of Slaanesh may take a Ghost Sword(?) instead

Daemon Princes
Skarbrand and Bloodthirster make Khorne DP Heavy Support
Fateweaver and Lord of Change make Tzeentch DP Heavy Support
Ku'Gath and Great Unclean One make DP of Nurgle Heavy Support
Keeper of Secrets makes DP of Slaanesh Heavy Support

 DP costs 145 pts
Khorne +15 pts
Tzeentch +25 pts
Nurgle +15 pts
Slaanesh +10 pts
Daemonic Flight 40 pts
May take up to 50 points of gifts
none khorne DPs can buy Psyker levels up to level 3 at 25pts/lvl

Heralds may still be taken 2 per HQ slot. Every Herald adds a Boon to the unit he joins.

 Icons can improve certain effects. Instruments can "summon" reserves or modify the result of the Warp Storm Table.


  1. now that does sound a bit better with a good translation

  2. That warpstorm table does not look fun. Yet another table to roll on that cannot be mitigated.

    What was refrehsing to se was allowing daemon princes of the same god to become heavy support. Only Q is, is this the Chaos Space Marines statline or the old one?

    Being able to deploy and go first could mean - for your opponent - having five monstrous creatures belt up a flank in turn 1.

    1. 11 on the table - I fear for my Tervigons :(

    2. Its random which psycher, just make sure to have some zoans to share the wealth.

  3. This seems worse than they were before..

  4. So are Pink Horrors psykers now? Or do they generate warp points for other psykers in your army?

    1. I really hope not, I don't feel like rolling 40 psychic tests to see who can shoot and who cannot or rolling one per unit and having them all die from perils or not shoot.

  5. Trying to read the original translation was giving me a headache. A lot of this sounds pretty interesting. Seems that for sure our fair weather daemon players won't be around too much longer.

  6. Well now I don't feel so bad about the 6+ armor save T4 bloodcrushers as they will be getting +2 attacks on the charge and can re-roll charge moves. This is sufficiently khornate for me. This also makes the 10pt bloodletters much more worth it. I can handle 1 base attack, but just not 1 attack on the charge. I have 30 of the things, I don't necessarily want them to be especially killy, just khornate. I still have to wrap my mind around BS5 Khornate daemons though.

  7. Much clearer translation, thanks!

  8. your's shooting phase one: roll for weather and there is a good chance that one in six enemy units get hit directly by chaos god. that i think promote dual god army. Some of those efects can be omited by FMC as they cant be hit by blasts and finaly d6 hits s6 rending on enemy flyer/AV10 squadron will be brutal

    there is other thing with that: lots of battles wil be lost due to bad roll of a single dice

    random rewards seems ok there's allways option to change for certain wepon

    skullcannon looks as must have, just for assault granade bonus, especialy if you take many khorne units.
    It also looks like our HS becone very crowded with 3 chariot options grinder and posible prince
    I'm courious how it will be with icons and instruments and if i will be able to deep strike whole army, if not 5 FMC in yours deployment turn one and rest deep strike around

  9. I'm glad I didn't start a tallyman list because it looks like epi sucks now. Daemonic Instablity looks like a double edge sword and really random. It otherwise looks pretty balanced.

    1. I thought the same at first though if it transfers to all units of Murgle like last time. That could mean T6 Death Guard (or T7 Bikes! lol), as long as they are in the 6" bubble. That could be very handy in some situations. I think Epi was designed more so to now to be played in an ally list if the tally still extends to all marked units.

    2. Oh forget that, just read he only effects Daemons of Nurgle now.. yep pretty sucky. Reckon we will seeing a lot of tallymen on EBay after this.

  10. Cool rules, a lot of Ork-like randomness though.

  11. Regarding randomness...Remember guys, it's chaos.
    I play Slaanesh and it looks clear that they are kept in the position of youngest and weakest of the gods, dammit.

  12. Ouch, sounds like it will make the game painfully slow. I'll see how my daemon attachment does on the board before passing judgement, but they might remain an attachment instead of becoming a full force.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.


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