There is a lot that on the table after this weeks rumors, including a new flyer supplement or compendium that seemed to be the primary topic of the week (of course beyond Warriors of Chaos).

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

This last week was seemed very busy, and I spent a lot of it working on some Dark Age models. Then Saturday it was off to the GW store opening, and from there a run to the beach, where I am now. For those of you that have never seen the Oregon Coastline, I posted the pic above. Its not often I get to head out of town, even for a short little bit, so it has been a nice reprieve. 

Death From the Skies
There is quite a bit of words going around on whether this supplement is worth it. On first impressions it seems like it is simply an update that could of been handled through an FAQ. While that might be true, I was trying to calculate what 72pages could hold from what information we have. I think there must be something else in there, or a model wave (even small) that will follow. 

Its hard to tell, and I do wish that there is something significant in the compendium. Even if there is not, it will be something that I will pick up. Mostly because it seems that our flyer rules are rather disjointed right now, spread out everywhere between faqs etc. 

What I am hoping for in this supplement is something no one seems to be talking about. Updates on flakk missiles for armies that have not had them addressed yet. This could very well be the place for it, as well as the possibility to re-address the Hydra Flakk Tank. While this might be hoping for too much, I going to remain positive and hope for these updates and a small model release to follow shortly there-after. 

Come on Voidraven....... and Harpy of course. 

This is Our Hobby
I did not expect such a strong and positive response from the community regarding this series. That is also why I posted up one yesterday. A couple notes about it.

The idea behind it is to get out other ideas and thoughts on our hobby here on Faeit 212. Our hobby is vast, and even ideas or concepts that do not follow my own are perfect for this series. Our hobby is world wide. I often see locations of hits sometimes pop up that I did not necessarily know existed. (that is rare but has happened more than once on the site with some islands in the Baltic Sea and others). 

So in regards to those sending emails asking if this type of post is appropriate. It more than likely is, if it does one thing. Stays positive. Rants and dissing on others are really the one thing I do not want to read or have on the site. Otherwise send it in. 

Because of the large response, I may dedicate Fridays (barring earthshaking rumors or announcements) to the series and try and get more than one per week. Even slipping one or two in at other times might happen depending on how many are in que.

My Projects
This week I am torn between getting my next faction done for Dark Age (the Brood), and hitting my next 40k project. Painting 78 models. I am going to imagine that it will fall onto inspiration, but I am dedicated to getting both done. I want to get these done, and get to my Dark Eldar. 

Tau and Playtesting Information
I was not expecting any Tau information to be coming in really until after Daemons are to be released. So it was good to hear something regarding Tau rumors. Playtesting rumors are normally what we hear unless its very close to a release date. Playtest rumor themselves are fun to get, as it gives us a direction that the codex might be going in, and the ideas that are being thrown around. What form they take though in the final codex is often very different.

On that note, I do wish there was a way for us to get more playtest information. Perhaps the readers here in the community would be able to engage on their thoughts on how the rules are shaping up and thus possibly aid in the design of units and armies.

Daemons Are Next
There are deamon players everywhere you turn nowadays. I would imagine that if the Chaos Daemons were to be released, it would be a huge seller. This week I will try and get up some compilations on the rules and possibly what we will be seeing on Chaos Daemons for both 40k and Fantasy.

They are expected to be available for pre-order at the end of the month.


  1. I'm thinking of picking up the Compendium for the Stormraven, Stormtalon and Valkyrie rules. As well as the dog fighting rules and scenarios.

    Can't wait for the daemons though they need to be cool affordible miniatures with good balanced rules. Or else I'm getting a different army.

    Hence why I'm loving the Tau rumours. I might, I might not. But the bright colours, Greater Good and general United Federation of Tau feel beats the constant grim, dark, doom and gloom.

    I'm pleased your "My Hobby" idea has been a success.

    While I'm all into 40K and FFG, I enjoy the Dark Age posts. Welcome break form constant 40K.

    Keep up the good work Natfka!

    1. So the whole, "Join us...or die," motto, along with a perverted tech take on the Muslim crescent, and an opportunist faction that conquers while the rest of the galaxy is at war with a greater threat is less grim, dark, and gloomy?


    2. Marginally, yeah!

      I've never seen any similarities between the T'au logo and any religious symbolism though. I think that's more you seeing things.

  2. If Daemons really are comming out it was a pretty good marketing idea for GW to put out some new rules for them to get interest back into them before release.

    This brings me to thinking of the rumoured ork wave thats is suppose to hit this year and the new dex on the way as well. This might be a new trend?

    1. New Ork Codex is writting by Matt Warp (mech ork cans are coming).

    2. This. People need to throw away pretty much all of their hatred based on what happened historically with their releases and look at what's happened lately:

      1. Throwing bones to every army whenever possible.

      2. Releasing more ways to expand the rules and play alternative mini-games.

      3. Frequent FAQ's.

      4. Condensed release clips from one army to the next.

      These are all great things GW is doing. Price doesn't erase the good things; we will spend what we can, when we can. All table top games that feature good miniatures and fun rules are super expensive.

      People need to think for themselves and be skeptical of the groupthink mentality that dominates gaming forums. It's easy to regurgitate what everyone else is saying.

    3. Thank you, McDoogle, I for one, am tired of the thoughtless regurgitation of the hate, especially when it has no basis in reality.

    4. There's nothing wrong with people loving 40k and GW while still expressing their frustration or concern with valid issues going on with the game. Unfortunately the generic response is, "if you don't like it quit", but that's not a very constructive stand point.

      In regards to your statement McDoogle:
      1. Several armies certainly haven't had any bones throne to them in a long while. There are some high hopes for this year, so let's see :D
      2. These releases haven't always been handled very well lately. Crusade of Fire was generally regarded by many as a poorly handled missed opportunity. Hopefully the new flyer expansion won't be the same
      3. Frequent FAQs that still haven't answered important questions or broke things that didn't need fixing. To name a couple, the entire beginning of phase/reserves/manifesting of powers thing is still cloudy, Disruption pods and barrage weapons, Old Zogwort, Nids and no access to allies or fortification weapons... all screwed up by poor FAQ work.

      People -are- thinking for themselves and shouldn't have to be trolled every time they raise a valid concern with a hobby they have invested significant time and money into.

  3. The last page of this months WD signals a flyer wave! The quote signifies pilots, plus it's a picture of a Doom Scythe as well. What other evidence do we need!!

  4. C'mon plasma flakk missile for the Eldar Missile Launcher!
    Gimme that, and all my Wave Serpents just just became mobile AA guns. Points be damned.

  5. Would one necessarily have to have an active blog to write an article for This Is Our Hobby? If not, I might send one.

    1. Don't think you need to have your own blog, just submit a (reasonably) well written, positive article and see what happens...

  6. I grew up 30 miles north of Portland and started 40k in Rogue Trader era, wonderful area for gamers of all type and cool city

  7. No. A blog is not necessary. I am hoping that it will encourage people that do not have blogs or write for blogs to get generate ideas for the communityh

  8. I'd like to believe that there will be actual new content or relevant rules to bring every army up to date with flyers, then I remember that it's only meant to be released in English.

    1. That was a false rumor. It will not just be in English, and it will not be for a limited time.

  9. If GW were planning on giving every army flakk missiles and equal flyer support they would have already done it. No, instead they will just drag it on as each new codex is released in an effort to get people to buy new models and new armies, selling lots of flyers on the way, giving heed to profits over balance of the game.

    1. Your statement is everything that is wrong with the gaming community.

      1. If every army had the same equipment and same flyer support the game would be horrendously boring. There'd be no need for different armies.

      2. Getting people to buy models is good business. Privateer Press does it too.

      3. Giving heed to balance over profit means there's no business 12 months from now, and then you'll just have crappy miniatures from crappy skirmish games left to waste your money on. Profit means a business succeeds, grows, and provides more people with jobs.

      Balance does exist, it just requires you think different with and against each army. People balance the game, not the company.

      If the flyers were that big of a problem, why are the tournaments being dominated by non-flyer Demons, Tau, and Grey Knights? Seriously, there's been 1 mid-major event in 6th edition where a Scythe spam list won. Everything else has been infantry with light vehicle support. Hell, even a Tyranids list won recently, and Sisters + Black Templars won a team event. Where are the flyers dominating? Are you playing with a pile of terrible local scrubs? You then run into one WAAC player who is good with his or her flyers and that's "proof" flyers are dominant? Or worse, you're probably just reading the internet complaints from people who have likely only played 3-4 total games of 6th, but talk like they play 7 times a day.

      Go in there and kick flyer ass. I have used the Night Scythes, won with them, and have had no complaints from opponents because there are so many solutions to them. Shooting them down directly isn't the issue. Take advantage of what they can't do, which is kill stuff, claim objectives, or drop off cargo where there are boots on the ground.

      I swear most of you are reading a complaint online from a few whiners and just sinking your mind into a defeatist state before even trying anything. You're beaten before you roll the first die.

    2. I'm sorry to have offended you Mr. Ward, good luck on your future projects with GW and 6th edition. My statement stands.

    3. +1again, McDoogle.

      Your statement stinks, Harley. If you don't like the current state of the game or the company that produces it, then stop playing it & buying their products. It's a simple solution. Internet whining is one of the worst forms of bandwagoning, IMHO...

    4. So, Harley, how about a few points to back your claim, other than name calling that only counts as an insult to the window lickers who believe that a lack of " i win" units are a conspiracy to deprive them of cash?

    5. Give the guy a break. You guys are trolling someone for having a valid opinion and maybe could chill out a bit...
      GW make great games, but are well known to tweak rules to encourage model sales. There is nothing wrong with that and doesn't invalidate Harley's original point.

    6. 6th edition is great and GW is doing a great job with the new army lines, honestly. Having started in 4th ed, this is the most fun edition so far. However, GW really dropped the ball with Flakk Missiles. They took the time to state that no one gets Flakk missiles except those units which have it in new codecies rather than use the opportunity to bring every army a little closer to being up to date with a simple FAQ statement. That said, why do people get so bent out of shape when someone citicizes one facet of a gaming company? Srs Bsns folks!

    7. Thank you, Harley. Fair reply. The problem is (and the line of fire into which you stepped) is that there's so much auto-hate for GW from people who don't seem to have a basic grasp on business principles. GW is first & foremost a miniatures company. That's their bread-and-butter. The rules they work very hard to make, maintain and improve for us, their customers, are merely a means to their ends, and give purpose & structure for why someone would want to buy their principal source of cash flow, i.e. their minis. They, like any other for-profit company are (or should be) always looking for ways to improve & increase revenues and return value to the owners of their company, their shareholders, in the form of profit, which translates into dividends paid to said shareholders and should result in higher per-share value (if Mr. Market functions the way he's supposed to, which doesn't always work out the way we'd like). So, having said that, it's tiresome to constantly read people bitching about how GW are conducting their business when they have been, in fact, increasing profits every year for the last several years, which is just what they're supposed to be doing. If the prices of their (luxury) products get so high that people stop buying them, then they will have to address that situation; but in the meantime we, as consumers, vote with our wallets.

      With regard to Flakk missiles, I believe that it takes time to balance out all the rules, and I'm not certain but my guess is that FAQs are not the most efficient (nor profit-enhancing) method of doing so.

      I've been into this hobby since 3rd Edition, and from my perspective the rules and the minis have improved dramatically in that time, and this has (to me, at least) been accelerating in recent times. And while I don't like paying more for something than I used to have to pay for it, that's just one of the facts of life; over time, the prices of things go up. At least, IMHO, in the case of GW's products, minis & rules, the quality of those products has also continued to go up, so I'm still willing to purchase more product as and when I choose to do so.

      So, thank you for a positive post, and your opinion, and sorry if I made you feel like you were being attacked personally.


  10. I have a Daemons question for you, Natfka: I'm currently running the Chaos Space Marines Death Guard (Nurgle) with Epidemius as ally gimmick. (Yeah, I'm that guy. Hey, it's a gimmick, but it's fun, and doesn't always work...). I had heard a rumor that with the new Daemons codex, CSM kills will not count towards Epidemius' Tally, and/or Plague Marines and other CSMs with the Mark of Nurgle will no longer benefit from the effects of the Tally. If this is true, it will make me sad (and negate months of play testing and tuning of my list).

    Has anyone heard anything reliable along these lines, either way?


  11. While I am always excited to see Tau Rumors, does anyone else think that they kind of suck. They feel very "wonky" and disingenuous. And really? Damage over the course of the rest of the game? That sounds like bad rules design. I can't tell if the low quality of rules makes me believe this is not real, or if it is going to put a bad taste in my mouth in the future.

    The only thing I saw that looked good was that the Tau suit was Toughness 8. The thing could cost five million points for all I care, I just like to see numbers in this game where designers are afraid to publish a Ballistic skill higher than 5.

    (Legitimately not a hater. I love 40K and Tau is the only 40K army I play. I just have high standards and something about these rules seems... "off". Maybe it is just me...)


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