The Black Dragons sound very intriguing, and definitely draw interest with the artwork shown above. The Death of Antagonis is a new space marine novel that is currently up for pre-order.

The Black Dragons date from the so-called ‘Cursed Founding’ of Space Marines and this has left its mark on these loyal sons of the Emperor. Literally. Twisted horns and vicious bone spikes protrude from their bodies, but these Space Marines have learned to adapt what others may consider heretical mutations into tools for dispensing Imperial justice.

David Annandale’s new Space Marine Battles novel, The Death of Antagonis, highlights the duality of this Chapter. Even as they struggle valiantly to rid a world of an insidious Chaos taint, wading knee-deep in the bodies of fallen cultists and plague victims, they are constantly under the suspicious gaze of the Inquisition and the Adepta Sororitas, desperate to prove that some taint exists among the Chapter.

As with all Space Marine Battles novels, The Death of Antagonis contains a full colour map section and some evocative art pieces. In this particular case, Rhys Pugh has done some fantastic work portraying these fearsome warriors. You can see why there might be some doubt about their loyalty, mind you.

The tattoos and scars on their arms hint at the less than salubrious backgrounds these warriors may have had before their indoctrination into the Adeptus Astartes. The terrifying mutations that their enhancement has wracked on their bodies have become almost a badge of honour for these Space Marines, and they now modify their armour to allow them to use these retractable blades in combat.

The Death of Antagonis is available to pre-order now. Order today and be among the first to read this brand new novel.


  1. Very interesting looking chapter, the claws and horns make an interesting aesthetic.

  2. seriously cool picture, can't wait to get my hands on the book. I very nearly started a black dragons collection a few years back, but plumped for Raven Guard in the end instead, couldn't face modelling all the bony protruberances!

  3. Nice artwork, but...really? We can now add mutants to the list of werewolves, vampires, cyborgs and degenerates which represent humanty's 'finest', in a regime which isn't supposed to tolerate any of them (cyborgs aside). People might mock the Ultras but they seem to be the only Astartes that actually live up to what they are supposed to be? Ok, it would be dull if all chapters were the same, but is the only way to make them different giving them a flaw?

    1. black templars, iron hands, crimson fists, salamanders, white scars to name a few untained chapters

    2. I was aware when I singled out the Ultras that there are some other examples of course, but my point remains

    3. Lets not forget the dark angels and it has been noted that they have the purest gene seed least likely to encounter mutation yet...

    4. The Imperium is ALL about being hypocritical and keeping up appearances in the face of double standard. What with the radical inquisitors using daemonhosts and fraternizing with aliens (keeping in mind that a "puritan" Inquisitor as related to Chaos may well be "radical" as related to Xenos, and vice versa) while exterminating everyone else caught doing this with extreme prejudice. And let's not forget that the Squats (now that they were not eaten after all) who blaspheme against the Machine God with their non-STC designs and negligence of rituals to appease the Machine Spirits are tolerated, while Iosefvs Pvblicvs caught doing any such thing would be burned at the stake, etc.

      Not to mention that the entire Imperium is dependent not only of the abhorred witches (Astronomican, Astropaths, etc.) but artificially created witches at that (Navigators). But then again, the whole thing was established by someone who was for all intents and purposes a rogue psyker (who may have been the amalgamation of a few thousand shamen and medicine men, but who was born and raised in Neolithic Anatolia and thus grew up with the values of that time and place, still influencing him in his state of undeath).

      Also, Imperium is famous for having no logic whatsoever regarding to what abhumans are tolerated or declared mutants: catgirls (Homo sapiens hirsutus) are apparently desu desu kawaii, while goat-, erm, beastmen (H. s. variatus) have recently become BLASPHEMY! BURN THE ABOMINATION!

      So, loyal Marines sporting bigger horns than Santa's reindeer and retractable claws the size of a chainsword being not declared mutants are perfectly in line with the rest of the merry Imperial family. Q.E.D.

      As for the cyborgs, I have always been under the assumption that the reason why the (post-RT) Imperium avoids using robots and logic engines (apart from the occasional "real" Machine Spirit, as in SM vehicles, as opposed to the imagined Machine Spirit in most devices, but then again, warp, derp) and does with mind-wiped servitors instead would be some sort of commandment in tune of "Thou shalt not make a machine in the image of human mind" (wouldn't be the first thing "borrowed" from Dune). Of course, that was before Legio Cybernetica was re-retconned back into the fluff...

    5. Nice points well made, Snowtrooper. Still, for me it completely blasts the verisimilitude to have a loyal chapter that apparently have frickin' horns and yet the baleful gaze of the Inquisition has yet to notice this. Not very credible, and I doubt that even the most progressive Inquisitor would decide against mentioning this to anyone else, whether his 'area' or not.

      Saying that, I haven't read the book. Maybe the author is a genius and explains this supreme act of subterfuge so cleverly that I will eat my (horned) hat. Seems to me though that someone has been watching too much Guyver....

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Wait, What? The Squats weren't eaten after all? Where/when has this been re-retconned?

    8. 6ed rulebook, of all things. The chapter "Dark Millennium", section "Abhumans" (p. 405) lists Squats (Homo sapiens rotundus) as being one of the 15 stable (ie. not classified as a mutant) STILL EXTANT abhuman subspecies alongside Ogryns and the rest. Not even a hint of their extermination, in fact, they are not even listed as being limited to only a few worlds (because all such cases are explicitly listed).

  4. The Black Dragons have always been a misunderstood Chapter. From the dark days of their founding they have always had the boney protusions. I don't remember the massive horns more like crests.


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