With the exception of basing, I have wrapped up the painting on my Skarred. With that I thought I would share them here. For scale, the harpies and the grafter are the normal human size model. Take a look.

Who are the Skarred?
From the Northern Borders in the desert known as the Great Expanse
When the rediscovery of religion swept Samaria like wildfire, those who failed to embrace the new theocracy soon found themselves pushed out. Forced together into a ragged mass of heretics and unbelievers they quickly realized they faced a lifetime of persecution. Unwilling to accept this, and lacking the strength to oppose the budding church, they fled north into the desert known as the Great Expanse. Long ago, in the days of the United Worlds, this area was home to many laboratories and factories where chemicals were designed for military use. The refugees were unlucky to stumble upon one of them and unleash the mutagens still stored inside. This single event was their undoing - and their remaking. The mutations which came about as a result have made them powerful, but also inhumanly mad and savage. Driven on by a thirst for vengeance these tribal cannibals have spread along the Northern Border of the Forsaken lands.

Contents of this force is about 500pts, and consists of
1 Grafter
3 Buzzblades
3 Harpies
1 Galeb
1 Abomination


  1. Holy crap, I can see the guy in the mec suit's dick

    1. lol. If that shocks you, you would be amazed at some of the females in Dark Age's model range.

      Dark Age follows the artwork of Gerald Brom, and does not shy away from either the female or male body when it comes to its models.

  2. Those are some seriously worrying models. :)

  3. Those woman would make some seriously sexy death cult Assasins.

  4. The harpies look much more schmexier than GW ones, even without really showing anything. The one thing that GW has lost with the universally compatible multipart figures is character. Old one-piece metal figures (especially RT era ones) have Character with a capital C down to the smallest detail in their posture up to and including their facial expression, whereas multi-part kits have to be "stiff" and have a rather neutral expression in order for parts from different kits to be mixed and matched.

    Also, hurr durr insecure double standard hypocrites who think that explicit violence (as is commonplace for 40K) is AWWWWWRIGHT and suitable for all ages, but seeing a random body part is EEVUL and suddenly turns your brains into mush. Then again, here in Finland mixed-gender sauna nude (as is good and proper, also, anything under 90C which would still melt any swimsuit anyway is still considered COLD for a REAL sauna) even among strangers is considered normal, and getting traumatized by seeing someone's genitals or making a wtfhueg issue about such a sighting is considered abnormal.


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